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archive of previous forum available

The old forum, from 2016 to the Orba release in July 2020, is still accessible in a browsable and searchable archived form at, and is still well worth checking out for Instrument 1 tips and ideas. I learned a huge amount from it, and you may find that a question you're chasing about the Instrument 1 has already been answered there.

To Nick Lowe,

Thank you for providing all the information related to the Orba and the delivery problems.  I finally received mine and so far it is great!  You mentioned that you have "instrument 1" in one of your posts and, thanks to you, I looked at it in more depth.  This also looks like a great product and I would love to hear your perspective.  I may but one after hearing about your experience.  Feel free to contact me directly if you have time to chat.

Akira Kanyon

"...I may BUY one after hearing about your experience."

Yes, there are quite a few Instrument 1 users here who backed the Orba because of it, and it's still pretty much my favourite thing ever. The old Artiphon forum archived at the link above above captures a lot of users' experiences with it, and is worth poking around in to get a sense of what it can do. I use it mainly as a kind of Seaboard for guitarists, using a touch-sensitive guitar fingerboard to do what keyboard MPE controllers do with their more traditionally synth-like playing surfaces, but a lot of people like to play it more like a physical guitar, and it also works very nicely in an Orba-style pad mode. The lack of Bluetooth and onboard sounds is a limitation for some, and it doesn't have all the dimensions of expression that the Orba now addresses, but it's an instrument you can play existing tunes on with the kinds of multidimensional expression the Orba is so brilliant at, and the rubber surface is more haptic and tactile than the capacitative pads of the Orba. No Android app, though!

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The archive link to the old Discourse forum has been down for a while; has it been permanently shuttered now? I entirely understand if so – I still go back there now & again for some half-remembered I1 tip, but I appreciate that we're two years into the Orbazoic now and it's only a few of us old I1 obsessives who ever look back. (Great times, though. I learned so much there.)

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