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Instrument 1 vs "ORBA"

I saw "ORBA" in the outside world. Here I see both ORBA and "Instrument 1".

What is Instrument 1 as opposed to the ORBA?  

The Instrument 1 is Artiphon's first product, originally released in 2016. Artiphon's main page for it is at, but in a nutshell it's a wired MPE controller in the form of a touch-sensitive customisable guitar fingerboard with accelerometer control of additional expressive dimensions and multi-modal rubber triggers in place of strings for the guitarist's picking hand. Uniquely, it can route audio from your sound source back to onboard speakers, so that eg you can connect it to your phone and play the sound back through its own speakers. It's designed as a radically customisable multi-instrument that can be played in any way (well, maybe not breath control), including not just picked/strummed and tapped guitar but drum pads, bowed strings, keyboard, lap strings, and anything else you can come up with. At heart, and at its best, it's an incredibly expressive touch keyboard that brilliantly uses a guitar rather than a keyboard paradigm. Unlike the Orba, it doesn't have onboard sounds, Bluetooth, or built-in recording, and the Orba has more dimensions of expression available. The Orba is a standalone device and is better at finger drumming, expressive drone playing, and loop-based beatmaking, but if you're a guitar or string player in particular the Instrument 1 is your go-to for playing an existing tune or improvising outside the 8-note framework of the Orba. It's far and away the best MIDI controller I've ever had, and is every bit as brilliantly designed and engineered as the Orba. Every guitarist on the planet should have one, and probably every human. Much more from four years of users in the old Artiphon forum at

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Thanks you!

The lack of a built-in sound source, and especially, poor support for anything other than Apple products is a deal breaker for me. :-(

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