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Sysex Definitions

where did the data used in this post on the old forum come from? are the I1 sysex message definitions published anywhere? I'd really rather not have to reverse engineer it if someone has already gone to the trouble...

mostly I'm specifically interested in being able to activate presets on the instrument and to receive notification when the preset changes. being able to set the capo externally would be nice for me too. it seems that no message is currently sent when the capo buttons get pressed so currently there would be no way to get that to propagate from the I1 to other devices.

Ok so the issue was that my I1 was running 1.0.18 and so it wasn't sending or receiving program change messages. I remembered reading about a setting to turn on the program change events so figured maybe I needed to use the desktop app as I didn't see that setting in the ios app. I managed to get the windows app to run in linux. it updated my artiphon and now I have a program change setting in the desktop app and the ios app. I've only been using ios and the update button in the app has always been disabled. So thanks for the encouragement to get there, heh. It helps to know that it is indeed SUPPOSED to be doing a thing. :)

Probably still going to need to figure out the sysex messages to set the capo though...

Hi, I have removed the previous answer because it was not correct. Instrument 1 does send program change messages but does not receive them.

Well ... mine does now that I'm running 1.0.20 ...

Ah that was me! (Btw I think this would still be useful to have for linux users in the new forum)

I found sysex messages by using a software usb sniffer program and fiddling with the windows Instrument 1 editor electron app.

Way back when I was going to do some work on it (unofficial android app), but found it to be more effort than it was worth. And once I had figured out how to run it on Linux that removed the need for development.

Yeah the Instrument 1 can send program changes but doesn't receive them.
I didn't find anything that changes the capo, but I gave up before collection all messages both ways.

If you want to switch active presets the messages look like this:
sending sysex: {"cmd":"activate","msgid":35,"data":{"preset":{"id":1}}}
sending sysex: {"cmd":"activate","msgid":36,"data":{"preset":{"id":2}}}
sending sysex: {"cmd":"activate","msgid":37,"data":{"preset":{"id":3}}}
sending sysex: {"cmd":"activate","msgid":38,"data":{"preset":{"id":4}}}
sending sysex: {"cmd":"activate","msgid":39,"data":{"preset":{"id":5}}}
sending sysex: {"cmd":"activate","msgid":40,"data":{"preset":{"id":6}}}
sending sysex: {"cmd":"activate","msgid":41,"data":{"preset":{"id":8}}}

It has been a while so I forget what I used, but I remember running commands on the linux cli to send these messages and modifying messages I had sniffed.

While sysex receiving would be useful for individual string retuning where notes overlap, I would think a MIDI transposition script would be easier to implement unless you are concerned about routing or latency.

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