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Orba manual download

How can I download the Orba manual? Online manuals aren't practical if you want to read it without internet access.

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That idea makes me fear that the essence of my request has not been understood: The important thing is to have a cheat sheet with all important information organized so it fits ON ONE PAGE. The task will be to eliminate the introduction and learning parts and create a QUICK REFERENCE. (Like a language book teaches grammar chapter by chapter, but then has a reference part with all the grammar organized in tables, where one can look up things without sifting through pages and pages of exercises etc. ) PDFs are readable on ANY DEVICE and have the advantage of allowing the author to organize everything in a FIXED pattern, so that the relationships between tables can become obvious. Their objective is not to be readable in the sense of an EPUB which presents things in an adequate readable character size - like your current manuals do. THAT OBJECTIVE IS THE PROBLEM! A PDF with all relevant info on one page should be UNREADABLE on a smartphone when viewed full page. The objective is to be able to PRINT and have everything on ONE PAGE!

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