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Receive your Orba yet???

Has anyone received their Orba yet??? Don't delete my question Artiphon people!!!!!

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Nope I just emailed them for an update
Same here, also sent an email,

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nope- even with the $8 upcharge for expidited delivery....

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Nope. No shipping info. As of this writing it is 8/12 in Asia.

Ordered about three weeks ago july 28th I have a week and a half to go then it will be 30 days on the 28th this month  which is when they should ship 

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I'm at 26 days since ordering. I'm assuming it isn't even going to ship for another 2 weeks.

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I am at 252 days since backing the project on December 4, 2019. The good old pre-pandemic days.

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Okay okay you win lol

im hoping to recieve mine mine mine soooon maybe before the thrill is gone!

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I ordered mine on the 20th of July in the reserve group so another nine days for it to ship and probably another week after that for actual delivery.

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Same day as me in reserve group. Let's see if they live up to their word!

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Nope. And I paid for expedited shipping. Unbelievable to see how many people STILL waiting without even a message as a courtesy.
ordered mine 7/12 so its been 1 month and still no email from them. I sent an email to customer support with my order number. They confirmed the order and said "watch you Mr email for tracking number"....crickets...

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Oh, looks like I'm not alone. Ordered 7/18 and nothing beyond the order confirmation email. Seeing as how no one has gotten a response, I wouldn't stake anything on it actually shipping within the 30days. Hopefully this is a real thing and we're not just getting the ultimate troll.
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