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Orba battery replaceable???

If the Orba battery fails in time, is it replaceable and does Artiphon sell them???

Yes, this came up in the Kickstarter comments a few months ago and Artiphon said they'll be offering a battery replacement service. I don't think it's intended to be user-replaceable; you'd presumably have to send the Orba in.

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By the time the battery dies, there will be an Orba II or Orba III for sale so, NO WORRIES.  It'll have Bluetooth 8 which will connect directly to your brain for extremely low latency.  :-)

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I’d settle for an Orba with Bluetooth that connects to a current IPad - like it is SUPPOSED to!

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Nick, correct, but that doesn’t help me with my ‘expensive paperweight’ right now. It’s been getting on for two weeks since the problem was identified, and no sign of a fix yet. Maybe it can’t be fixed? It wouldn’t be the first time Apple egregiously killed expensive music hardware with an update.

If I am to return my Orba as ‘not fit for purpose’ as it clearly currently isn’t, and there is no word on when a fix might appear I need to do it in the next few days, simple as.

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And for what it's worth, I've had my Instrument 1 since December 2016, playing it most days, and if there's been any fall-off in battery life I haven't noticed – and battery technology has come on quite significantly even since then, so the Orba battery will with luck be even more durable.

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This isn't really the right thread for this, but it wasn't Artiphon that broke Bluetooth MIDI in iOS 14.2; that shitshow is entirely of Apple's making, and affects a lot more than just the Orba. All we and Artiphon can do is wait for Apple to clean up the mess they've made in the next update.

Well, your Orba is perfectly fit for purpose – it's your iPad that now isn't, unfortunately, unless you downgrade, which remains an option. But Apple have really screwed this one up, and need to fix it urgently.

Hi Ski,

Great question, and thanks Nick for filling in. At the moment, there's no commitment to battery replacements, but it's good to know that you'd be interested in it. As you can imagine, it's always a balancing act of trying to keep the price of the product low, vs. adding functionality and additional features. 

With that said, Orba has a lithium polymer battery (which is better than lithium ion). It will play for hours on a single charge (our testing reports that it will play for up to 5.5 hours at half volume (with a constant audio fed through the speakers)). And it should last for years.


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