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Will there be an Android application for the Orba?

Hello, I am very excited about the Orba. However I do not see an Android application. Will this be something released in the future?

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Hi Matthew,

Yes, and thanks for asking. Currently the Android app is in beta. Would you like to give it a whirl? Sign up for that here.



there isn't one ! :-(

There is an Android application. I have the beta now

please post download link as I can not find it ? 

many thanks

I can't post the link. I was sent a beta invite.

bugger !

I was sent a beta link, but when I go to the link, the program isn’t there. Have tried logging into different google accounts. Still can’t see it. Any ideas?
I got the beta version. It connected OK to my Orba at first and changed the bass preset, but when I tried to change it again it caused my Orba to crash. Now all the lights are on but I can't turn it off and it's not working at all

I dont recommend using the Android beta.  As you see here, it is causing problems with the device itself.  I would say it is in the 'primitive' stage and will likely be months before it is functioning ok. It never should have  been released even as a beta IMO.  It also will not install on either of my touchscreen chromebooks which work with most anything from the Google play store.

Thanks. I got my Orba working again but the app just doesn't work at all. I can download it and it does connect in some way to the Orba because the Orba responds, but it won't change any if the presets or record anything. I'm still struggling to understand why the Android app seems like an afterthought and wasn't developed and deployed along with the Apple app.

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RE: Android and iOS parallel development. You are so totally right they are neglecting 60+% of the cellular phone market. It's a mac-centric Head up your ass kind of blindness thing I think. also people don't think that music happens on PCs or Android, but I'm here to tell you I've been doing it since 1991.
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