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Orba App for Android: Now in Beta

Update – October 13, 2020

To simplify the beta testing process, we've published the Orba app for Android to the Google Play store. There's no longer any need to fill out the survey. You can simply access the app here.



Previous post:

The Orba app for Android is currently available for beta testing. If you’re interested in joining this private beta, we’d love to have you check it out. Follow this link to request access and become part of the early app experience! 

We will add all of the new registrations to the program every Monday afternoon.

For everyone else, we will have the Orba app published on the Google Play Store just shortly down the road. 


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installed app on android tablet; ok. but bluetooth (connection to orba) is not stable.

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 I agree with the previous comments about the bluetooth connection from my android phone to the Orba.

If I try to update one of the presets it works maybe 1 time out of 20 and always disconnects from the phone (I have no trouble with bluetooth watches, headphones, keyboards or car and the phone).

At present I can only use the orba when plugged into my PC. Hoping this can be sorted out quickly.

Installs. BARELY Runs. Hoping for stability and progress in the very near future.

Marketing Question:  Are you sure releasing useless eye candy was the right move?

I might disagree. Let's go boys, Android market is the dominant one. This reeks of Mac centric BS. You can tell b/c the "X's" are in the upper left corner. Mac ports suck, always.

Barely functional insult to programmers everywhere. 

Were you forced to release "something" by the marketers? 

You are causing damage to your companies rep. Your personal rep.

"Yes, I wrote that crap, why do you ask?"

ALSO: A "save as" function? Pretty Basic stuff, IMHO. Oh, and stability?

Yes, I am frustrated, this rollout sucks, and I've done a few rollouts of Electronic Musical Instruments (See; FATAR, STUDIOLOGIC, NOVATION, ORLA, AXON and more)

Remember the "Your Orba HAS SHIPPED" email,

 I was told "Oh, that meant from China" when I pressed someone. 

Smelly, Slippery BS, and a botched rollout. Good work.


Hi all,

To simplify the beta testing process, we've published the Orba app for Android to the Google Play store. There's no longer any need to fill out the survey. You can simply access the app here.



Are there any active updates to the current Beta Orba App on Android? What is the process for getting the latest version or updating to a newer version? Orba is great so thanks for making a great instrument.

My biggest wish is for a method to turn the metronome off during recording (without using a Phone or PC preferably.) Next would be a method to switch scales and root notes on the fly (again without resorting to a phone or PC app.)

Votes for: Turning Metronome On/Off

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I have Linux with Android Studio and DFU / Arduino tools and would like to help track errors and test fixes with Orba.

Latest Android app does not even show a menu (when touching the black Orba next to the Artiphon A) to connect via bluetooth ... So no connexion, so the app is useless :-(

I don't understand why artiphon starts with software that works badly and then replaces it with software that doesn't work at all.

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We had a group of early beta test sign ups that received Android version 0.14.22. This version is intended to test a USB cable connection. 0.14.21 is the version that has Bluetooth LE Midi. We are currently trying to enable access for those users.

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@Arne Wallbrecher that's the version I have installed. Tried the usb connection actually without knowing if it should work and it did. I do find it strange that I didn't see any release notes mentioning this?

Maurice, this release actually went out to a smaller group by mistake that is why there were no release notes. We are currently trying to give that group access to both versions but that might take a day.

@Arne & @Maurice. I have Android version 0.14.22. No connexion via Bluetooth. No connexion via USB.

Could be an adapter issue; I do not have a standard USB-C to USB-C cable.

@GJ van Mulbregt Got the same when using an adapter, sometimes it does connect, most of the times it doesn't. Connecting with a direct USB C to USB C cable doesn't give an issue, it connects everytime.
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