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Orba App for Android: Now in Beta

Update – October 13, 2020

To simplify the beta testing process, we've published the Orba app for Android to the Google Play store. There's no longer any need to fill out the survey. You can simply access the app here.



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The Orba app for Android is currently available for beta testing. If you’re interested in joining this private beta, we’d love to have you check it out. Follow this link to request access and become part of the early app experience! 

We will add all of the new registrations to the program every Monday afternoon.

For everyone else, we will have the Orba app published on the Google Play Store just shortly down the road. 


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My soldering is probably a bit rusty. But no sign of life with a direct USB-C to USB-C cable for me.

Good God, guys! The app is still useless? Feeling Unsupported, not such a warm and fuzzy place.

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Now I can connect to the app via Bluetooth, but I cannot change presets. It takes like forever to upload one and then nothing changes on Orba.

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I have to say, it kind of works now, after the last update and FW Update. 

I could upload 2 different presets in a row without disconnection on my Android 6 Smartphone. 

Doesn't work with my android phone (Mi A3 / Android 10). Like Andrea, I can choose to connnect via buetooth, but that is all.

Hello guys, i have just received my orba and i'm exploring the potential of this instruments, but i have some problems with the Android app, that is disconnetting very works perfectly when i use it with cable, but its not good with bluetooth. 

Thanks so much


For those asking about Bluetooth connectivity on Android, we're working out the kinks in this process and look forward to releasing the official Android app as soon as we can. The app is currently still in the beta phase but will be fully functional once beta-testing is complete.

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"We're working to get it fixed. Once we get it fixed, it will be fixed." :-)

It needs to be fixed. If it shouldn't be fixed we would not fix it. So we will fix it, untill it is fixed. It will be better fixed than anything you know of, much better. The best fix. 

GJ van M - People have never SEEN such a fix, they say "Who could have done such a fix? It's Magnificent!"

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True that Sean P. - . There are minor fixes, major fixes and megafixes. This is the mother of all megafixes. Those folks at Artiphon sure know how to quickly cast a huge and overwhelming shadow over all of the biggest megafixes we've ever seen. Respect!

@ Sean P. - Do not repair if it is not broken. That's right.

Therefore, this megafix is ​​not a repair but an enhancement. And not just any enhancement.

Soon the Orba will wake you up with a vibrating and cheerful soft farm sound. On your morning walk, he happily crawls with you on his little wheels. And if you run too fast, it takes off with its mini jet engine. Then it flies next to your ear and there it makes a sweet chirp sound as if it were a bird. It grinds your coffee and bakes an egg on its small top. When you get home from work, he eagerly scratches at the door and reads you the news. Only the happy news, of course. Yes, then the Orba is also in favor of world peace, the climate, women and all other people of any color or size. But that goes without saying.

At the moment it is still in the beta phase but will be fully functional once beta-testing is complete.

I have a Samsung Galaxy J7. When I try to run the Orba app, I just get a black screen and nothing else happens.

@ Rodger P. - Do not worry! It is not broken, but a genius artistic concept and a conscious design. And Megafix is ​​coming to help you with even more improvements to the Orba. Faster, stronger and better at everything. After that, you not only get a black screen but also purple, scarlet and green. Megafix will become an early or late Christmas present. You will see Megafix as soon as Megafix arrives because then Megafix is ​​there!

Wonderful news! Five months later and the android app is still in beta ...

What could be the excuse? Too much Trump and corona? Not enough time?

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