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Orba App for Android: Now in Beta

Update – October 13, 2020

To simplify the beta testing process, we've published the Orba app for Android to the Google Play store. There's no longer any need to fill out the survey. You can simply access the app here.



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The Orba app for Android is currently available for beta testing. If you’re interested in joining this private beta, we’d love to have you check it out. Follow this link to request access and become part of the early app experience! 

We will add all of the new registrations to the program every Monday afternoon.

For everyone else, we will have the Orba app published on the Google Play Store just shortly down the road. 


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As I replied in the other thread, we are working on getting song loading back, volume control per part, haptic feedback off, Bluetooth issues and a very long list of new features after that. We are not announcing any schedules or promise any releases at specific dates.

The excuse is, it's not done yet. That's what Beta is for. Now take your troll BS somewhere else, this thread is supposed to be for serious discussion.

@ Rodger - Thank you for your serious input. The point is that after almost a year (!) We still don't have any working software. It's no excuse to call what we do have beta and say there's such a long to-do list. It's great that you are satisfied with that. Not me.

Ok if you cared about this product at all, you could have posted some useful criticism. For example, you could emphasize how much more you would enjoy your Orba if the android app would work. Instead you reply to every post with a page long rant that makes you sound like a whiny loser. All you've done is ensured no one takes this thread seriously.

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There's still a lot of development going on, I've just received a small update that should stabilise some of the Bluetooth issues (it's an early release, not available for normal users in the play store) and Artiphon is working on updates that should bring back saving and exporting functions. But there's no timeline, at least not for the end users so we just have to wait for that. Haven't tested the Bluetooth update just yet, going to this weekend.

Hmm. Do you define "Oops, i have a black screen!" as useful criticism and a serious discussion?

I paid for this product. Have waited too long for it. From the start, the software was bad. It only got worse. Happy talk from constructive hippies didn't work. So I keep nagging until Artiphon realizes that this is a very wrong way to market a product. Sorry if I bother you with that. You don't have to read this.   

Do you get that black screen on a Mac or on Windows?

No Arne, sorry, I referred to Rodger's contribution 2 months ago on this page. I wondered if he meant this page was for that, now that he was so clearly disparaging about my contributions :-)

@ Rodger & Maurice - Maybe you prefer to stay in your pink cloud where intentions and possibilities are actually enough (stop reading!). But if you are open to different opinions, take a look at this thread.

And if you do get out of that cloud for a while, take a look here.

I can't download the app from the Google play store. It stops at 4% when downloading. How can I get the app?

Hey Mvelez75, are you having issues downloading other apps as well? Or is it just the Orba app that's not downloading? We'll be happy to help get the app downloaded for you if you would like to open a support ticket. We'll be on the lookout for your email.

Preset and song files is compatible between windows and android systems?
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