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Where is it

It's been over seven months since I paid for it have not received it

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If you take a look at the other forum groups you will find we are all saying the same thing. From a communications standpoint it's been phony. Even the original backers are having issues receiving theirs however those who did pay the extra 8 dollar expedited shipping cost are claiming they have received theirs.. Take a look at the manual, iits so wrong, it looks fake, but you decide.

I'll tell you all this, If I ever get mine 'I'll post a link to my youtube channel showing it and me using it for proof they exist.

This situation could have been handled so much better.

Yes John, please keep us updated!

Well, I just got mine today. I did pay for expedited shipping. Works just like the tutorial videos show.

I also backed the Kickstarter for the Instrument 1, that was delayed but ended up arriving.

A tip: if you got an email with a tracking number, cut and paste that number into, that will give you much more detailed tracking info than the original link.

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I received a email today from Johnny at support, 

He offered his assistance and was able to provide me with a tracking number which 

I then went to the above url  provided by Gian and when I searched for it,  it was not found and that USPS will be delivering it. It did state that the tracking number would appear 24 to 48 hours after my package is processed at one of their facilities. 

Johnny was very apologetic and acknowledged the delay and the challenges they have faced. He also expressed his gratefulness for my patience.

This is a positive way to handle this situation rather than a canned email, and I do appreciate that very much. So I'm still sticking to my promise to post a link showing me using it and proof they exist. I really hope to get mine soon :)

Another week and no tracking number or update. I just emailed Jeremy in support for an update. Hopefully I’ll get info soon. Even though a lot of us are frustrated, I think it’s a good sign we are all excited to get our hands on the device. Possibilities look interesting and I can’t wait to see/hear what everyone comes up with using theirs.
Just received mine today.
(2.11 MB)

Mine arrived at Heathrow on the 4th September. Now it’s the 7th, no Orba. I paid in full for the Orba and a carrying case way back when it was launched on Kickstarter. 

Yes, the UK ones are now in the country, which is great news. Nothing untoward about it sitting there over the weekend; I suspect it'll be a few more days yet as Hermes or whoever's responsible for getting it out of Heathrow and into our hands checks off the customs paperwork and shunts it through their system. The last item I had ship from HK spent a fortnight in Stansted and took some fairly persistent chasing to shake it loose, but I think Artiphon have pre-settled the customs charges, so it may go fairly smoothly. I remember the Instrument 1 pinging all round the country before spending three days in the UPS depot half a mile from me.

Can’t waaaaaait. 

The BoxC tracking is probably the best way to get an update. I tracked mine all the way through. Took longer than expected, but being able to check in on it is really helpful. It arrived today. Worth the wait.

Well I got a notification that my device is being delivered today. Check back for my you tube Link actually showing they exist.
Got my tracking number a week and a half ago. Have checked it twice, both times said that USPS was waiting to receive the package. So.........

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The same thing happened to me. Got the tracking number on August 20th; it was delivered on September 7. I think the tracking number that Artiphon sent activates when it hits North American soil, but maybe before it gets through customs. It was at JFK for a few days at least, and then had to go through two BoxC sites before being transferred to USPS. Once USPS had it, it was delivered very quickly.

Not looking good as I didn't see a single comment from anyone having actually received the product. When I inquired to support that my "tracking" link didn't help in anyway I was told a new account had been set up for me and to follow that link- enter a PW and go from there. I did and somehow landed on this comment stream. WTF is going on?!


Maybe for the support ticket options at the top of the screen? Welcome, anyway! As you'll see from other threads, there's an exciting mix here of those who've already received their Orbas and those who are bouncing up and down at the imminent prospect…

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