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Where is it

It's been over seven months since I paid for it have not received it

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Hey everyone,  as promised here is the PROOF they actually exist and they are being delivered.

I'll be up all night now !!! :) 

I'm in the UK and received my Orba today. No e-mail to say it had shipped or any tracking. It just turned up.

Has anyone gotten the case?  And how do you request a refund?

Tom, I have the case. It came in the same shipment as the Orba, a couple of weeks ago.

Glad to hear that  :)

thank you

Tom, you already want a refund? You just got yours a week ago?! I’m still waiting with no tracking info or anything
Only for the case since it’s not showing up Love my Orba. I haven’t had a decent night sleep since it showed up. Lol.
I had no email updates the day mine was out for delivery, it was only until yesterday when I checked on the tracker Artiphon emailed me on the 28th of August, that I found out it was delivered and signed for apparently on the 9th of September. But I don't have it in my possession or have any idea who has it or where it got delivered to (I wasn't home on the day of delivery). MyHermes really living up to their poor reputation, no note no email, just 'signed' on their website and there's no photo evidence like there usually is. So now I'm lost with what I can do, emailed artiphon but by the looks of it I won't be hearing from them any time soon. I'm now worried after seeing some of your photos from you who've received yours that the delivery driver has either left it at the door and gone, and someone's seen the packaging and ran off with it. Or the drivers googled the logo on the box and took it for themselves. Really ruined my Friday discovering this news, as I've been really excited to use this instrument, especially when I backed it back in December!

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I see they’re already popping up on eBay.
I still have not received my orba and case?

Yeah me neither. (sigh)

Can I get my money back?

I just sent them a email.

My stuff or money back, it's been over 9 months


Class action law suite next, 

By the msgs I read it looks like a spam. I will get my money back from paypal.

Hi Luciana. Thanks for reaching out. Your Orba has shipped and is on its way. I just responded to your ticket with your tracking information. 

Let me know if you have any other questions

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