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Where is it

It's been over seven months since I paid for it have not received it

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Hey everyone,  as promised here is the PROOF they actually exist and they are being delivered.

I'll be up all night now !!! :) 

I'm in the UK and received my Orba today. No e-mail to say it had shipped or any tracking. It just turned up.

Has anyone gotten the case?  And how do you request a refund?

Tom, I have the case. It came in the same shipment as the Orba, a couple of weeks ago.

Glad to hear that  :)

thank you

Tom, you already want a refund? You just got yours a week ago?! I’m still waiting with no tracking info or anything
Only for the case since it’s not showing up Love my Orba. I haven’t had a decent night sleep since it showed up. Lol.
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