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Address Change.

I’ve been waiting for this thing so long I’ve moved...twice. I’m told by the company that they can’t change my address if a tracking number has been issued. I’m pretty sure I did not get a tracking number but I can’t get anyone to confirm. I’m in Canada. Anyone else have the same problem?

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I still haven’t received my tracking number, so I hear you!
Have not recieved tracking number and would like to changenmy address

I also moved twice since ordering, but I only had to change my shipping address once. I did this by email and before I got a tracking number. Johnny at Support confirmed the change.

I followed the tracking number to delivery last week -- and it appears they sent the device to my billing address, which was my former residence. I have a mail forward order on that address, but USPS did not follow it. I'm confused about the whole ordeal, but I'm hoping support will get back to me soon. They seem a little busy.

Thanks. They never responded. Has anyone actually received one? This seems more and more like a scam
I still haven’t received my tracking number, so what can i do? Any idea?
I think we have been scammed....

I've got no tracking number (living in Sweden) but I am in the process of moving. Created a ticket two weeks ago but no response. Is there an email address you guys can recommend?

All I could find was No response. I did get a tracking number yesterday.
Juan Bravo 2006 Udall Road Bay Shore New York 11706 Phone. 6313920486 Usa
My order 12695974. I need change the address Juan Bravo 2006 Udall Road BayShore New York 11706 Phone. 6313920486 USA
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