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Searching for advanced midi implementation

I'm wondering, as a max developer, if there's a way to configure some of Orba's parameters, perhaps via SysEx. Specifically, I'm looking for a way to ensure that my app is listening for the right signals, regardless what scale a user might have selected. (Best I can do, at this moment, is ask the user to run their finger along the circle, playing all eight pads so I know which notes to expect. It's viable, but not ideal.) Likewise, being able to determine for myself which sensors are running (without relying on the user to select a particular mode) would be handy. Hopefully, it's just an unobtrusive "send this command to enter Programmer Mode" situation. But if it is, I can't find where that's documented.

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New error and fix. Look for it in all eight instances of [dontMaptoYourself]

(I can't tell you how often this one's thrown me, myself.)


Thanks! I’ll pass it on.

I'll put this here, where it's not quite as visible, but...

<-- the file on your download page is still v1.1, and it still has the error listed above.

I don't think it's an inconsequential warning.  I think all eight instances of the mechanism Odie built to prevent a control from mapping to itself are currently broken, and thus providing no such safeguard.

Further, it's a simple typo, and immanently fixable.

There's no reason for that.

We’ll put an update up as soon as it’s available. So far I have not seen any problem with the functionality and since it’s a simple fix it shouldn’t take long but it’s a long holiday weekend here.

Well, sure.  You're not seeing a problem because you aren't using it wrong.

  • click "Map" under RADIATE. the button turns Blue, awaiting input.
  • click "Map" under TILT.   You've just mapped TILT's "map" button to the RADIATE gesture.
    note under RADIATE, it now says "Map" instead of "No Mapped Parameters".
    note also, TILT's map button is now awaiting input.
  • click "Map" under SPIN.  You've just mapped SPIN's "Map" button to the TILT gesture.
  • click "Map" under PRESS.  You've just mapped PRESS' "Map" button to the SPIN gesture.
  • Reach for your Orba controller, and activate the RADIATE control.
    Watch the screen as your map buttons react to each other.

None of that happens once the typo is fixed.

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