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"slide" gesture

The "slide" gesture, as shown at 0:25 in the following video... I don't think it's enabled, by default, in any of the four modes. Is it accessible through other means?

Yes, the initial batch of presets all have discrete rather than continuous pitches. I think it's intended to work like the slide mode in the Instrument 1 (or the Glide dimension in the ROLI system), but Pitch Bend is limited in the current firmware to small vibrato effects; Arne mentioned in this thread yesterday that they're intending to open it up with some more presets, but it would be good to be able to use it over MIDI. That will of course reignite the pitch-rounding wars from the old forum, but bring it on.

I guess my ongoing frustration, really, is that the website's claim that "the Orba app offers endless customization with an easy-to-use interface" is so hopelessly misleading. It's not an editor; it's a preset launcher, and the parameters controlled by those presets aren't accessible in the app. (I don't want to be reliant on what presets are currently available, much less on which preset is currently loaded.)
Agreed. There is ZERO customization for the average user.
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