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Can i create custom sample sets?

The app provides some samples to use out of the box, but I would love to create  packages of my own that i can load up for drums/lead/ect

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They're not actually samples but synth patches, so you can't load your own on to the Orba – but of course you can use it to control them over MIDI.
I plan to use it on the go, take it to the river, freestyle sessions with friends, stuff like that. Not really wanting to lug gear around. Open source the code, I'll add the functionality...

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It's a hardware rather than a software limitation: there's no onboard memory for samples, only enough for the current song's MIDI data and internal synth patch settings.

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Then how about the ability to create our own patches? It's nice to have a variety of drum kits, but being stuck with only one choice for each of the other three parts is limiting.

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Oops, never mind. Just discovered the other voices have different presets available when you select that voice in the app. 

Yeah but even those are limited to whatever is in the app and the app doesnt let you customize. I created a C# wrapper for the Orba yesterday, I may whip up a Xamarin app that functions as a sound board controlled by it. Then I can at least jam on the go more realistically.

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This is unfortunate as I was told by someone at Artiphon before ordering that I would be able to LOAD/STORE my own presets into the device. I was very specific and that was a big reason why I ordered one. Maybe they will expand available sounds if this product continues to be developed.  Hopefully the sounds that come with arent too 'cheesy'. Can we at least use a phone DAW and play sounds from that? If so which ones?...I;m an Android guy.  I think these guys just tell people stuff they want to hear or just make up stuff that sounds good...So this device has almost no value <to me> unless tethered to my DAW.  Maybe it will mostly work as a mobile device using the Roli Noise App?....anyone know if that integrates w. Orba and to what degrees? ARE we stuck using Orba presets when used w. our phones? Im able to run Noise on my Android phone. I got tired of waiting for Orba so ordered a Roli Lightpad Block as the original ones can be had new on the real cheap..It looks like a killer device. who knows when we will get actually get our Orbas.  Mine has been sitting in Cali with the others...whirrrrr.....whirrrrrrr..stuckage...and suckage.

Yes, it works absolutely brilliantly with Noise, though there are dimensions of expression available with the Orba that go beyond anything even ROLI gear and software can manage, and for which the initial collections of sounds in the app have been specifically designed. And it is perfectly possible to load and store your own presets; the one thing you can't yet do is design custom sounds, which will need a complete Equator-style front end to be designed for the internal synth, but that'll come. The initial set of sounds are good, though, and when it gets out of stuckage and into your hands, you'll be able to get a sense of what you can and can't do with those and with the Orba as a controller for third-party synths.

But yes, if you have an iDevice then Noise is an absolute must. (As I noted in another thread, it only works with non-ROLI gear as an AUv3, so you'll need to host it in Garage Band, AUM, or equivalent. But that then gives you both the NOISE Melody synth engine – essentially an Equator preset player – and the iOS-only NOISE Drums engine as a separate instrument. The third engine, the SWAM engine, is unavailable in AUv3, so you're stuck with ROLI's own controllers for that. But it's coming to standalone and GeoShred anyway later this year.) If you're tempted by the IAPs, Floatation and Hybrid Acoustic are particularly lovely companions to the Orba.

ROLI fan though I am, I can't not confess that I actually prefer Artiphon's gear to ROLI's for working with ROLI sounds. That's partly because I'm a guitarist rather than a keyboardist and the Instrument 1 is MPE heaven for guitarists, but also because Artiphon have really thought outside the box about what a responsive MPE control surface can be, and I find even the four-years-old-now Instrument 1 objectively more sensitive and expressive than my Seaboard. And that's without all the new gestures and CC dimensions (with more to come) that the Orba adds to the mix.

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Nick I responded thanking you for the info and made additional comments but my post evidently needs to be reviewed before being posted..have no idea why that would be the case as there certainly wasnt anything offensive in it. maybe it will show up at some point..if it does feel free to respond.

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Yes, it seems to be a random Freshdesk thing! I'm not sure how much if any human moderation is involved; the Artiphon team have way better things to do than approve every forum post before it goes out. I often get the awaiting approval message and then the post shows up immediately anyway. (But I was a user mod on the old forum, so I may have some carryover privileges on this one.)

My Orba is in the UK but not with me yet, but I've installed the apps and downloaded the single gesture presets.  If you get those and read the installation instructions for dropping them into the preset folder, you'll see you have a collection of .orbapreset files.

So - these are XML format files, beginning with a PresetEntry tag containing name and description, some tags and an encoded cover image.  Then comes a SoundPreset block, containing a SynthPatch with mode and oscillator/amp/filter/mod settings.  Next is a ModifierList, SeekerList, BezierCurvesEntry, GestureCurvesAssignmentEntry, EventCurveAssignmentsEntry, PatternList and then Tuning Settings.

Because we have the single gesture presets, we can identify which modifiers and seekers refer to each of the gestures.  Synthpatch should be familiar if you mess with other synths.  Doesn't look like it would take too much to come up with a patch editor based on the examples we already have.

Artiphon, are you planning to create something to let us create our own patches, or could you release the .orbapreset definition so we can mess around ourselves?  It would be great to have a library of community-sourced patches available to everyone.

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We are planning to add several ways to offer more customization. Because our gesture and synth engine is actually very complex, we are looking at customer feedback first so we can better prioritize between tunings, gestures, and synth parameters without cluttering up the UI and keeping things clear for every user.

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I received my Orba today, and look forward to programmatically interacting with it.

Artiphon c
an you please publish the protocol for sending customization changes to Orba, and release the .orbapreset definition as Brian suggested?

Then programmers can write tools and patches for the community, increasing the value of the Orba ecosystem, and increasing the demand for Artiphon's hardware!

For example, Novation publish a Circuit programmers guide for their groovebox product, explaining Sysex message formats for changing synth patches, etc. 

Novation's guide aids people to write tools, or script the use of generic tools like SendMIDI on the command line, e.g.    

> # listen for patch dump
> receivemidi syx dev Circuit > patch.txt                       

> # request patch dump
> sendmidi dev Circuit hex syx 00 20 29 01 60 40 00  

> # edit the patch, and re-load it
> vi patch.txt          
> sendmidi dev Circuit patch.txt

So Artiphon - what do you say - can you release a programmers guide for Orba?  (fingers crossed)

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Agreed!! I actually wrote a game engine for the Novation Launchpad to use as a prop in an escape room I designed. I could see using the Orba as a puzzle mechanic if we had insight - much easier than trying to reverse engineer.

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