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Can i create custom sample sets?

The app provides some samples to use out of the box, but I would love to create  packages of my own that i can load up for drums/lead/ect

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I wish I had found this thread earlier, so many great ideas!! Especially NothanUmber's posts, I want multiple views in the app too! I am fine using my phone when I'm playing for fun (I would always have my phone with my when I want to play anyways), I just hate the current UI. 

I started typing out my idea for the advanced UI, but found it easier to just sketch it out on google drawings, so attached is my idea. Most of the boxes are clickable, and they will either bring up a drop down (or drop up, depending on where it is on the screen) menu to select something, or just activate when you touch them.

The bottom right set of boxes and the image in the upper right will change when the player changes what part they have selected. This will let them easily switch between different scales, fingerings, or anything else they want to customize easily while playing. This is also where they could edit the parameters of the selected synth if that is an option. 

If you click on any of the four boxes in the upper middle, you can quickly change which instrument is in each voice without having to be on that voice. Maybe there could be buttons to stop loops that appear once you start looping, so you could stop your first recording while your overdubbs continue.

The far left is how the patches are stored- There are two levels of storage, Albums and Songs. This way you can have one album to store everything in, an album for each set/performance that you do, or even an album for each song, depending on how involvd you want you organization to be. When you click on the Albums box it brings out a menu to select an album, but the songs box does nothing. This is because below it, there is another box that lists all the songs in the album, so you can easily click on them. There would also be a plus button you can use to add new songs.

My other big problem with the instrument is that you can't look at a piece of music and play it, and the different fingerings could definitly fix that, especially if you can switch quickly between them. 

One fingering idea I had would result in the ability to play a two actave chromatic scale-the first 6 pads would be triggering notes, while the 7th and 8th pads are modifiers. To play a chromtic scale going up (assuming you're in the key of C) you would hold down pad 8, and press pads 1-6 one at a time to play notes C-F. Then you would release pad 8 (so you aren't pressing any modifiers) and press pads 1-6, to play notes F#-B. You can complete a second octave by holding down pad 7 and pressing pads 1-6 playing notes C-F, then hold down both pads 7 & 8 and press pads 1-6 to play notes F#-B. 

This would be a little weird to get used to, but I really like it because it would allow you to play a two octave Chromatic Scale smoothly (not having to press the "A" Button and change octaves). You could also use the lights on each pad to help orient yourself, when one of pads 1-6 is representing a black note, it could turn a darker color than the rest of the pads. 

Artiphon will probablly never do any of this as it seems that the Orba is designed to be more simple and user friendly than efficent, but both of these things wouldn't confuse inexperienced players, and I think they would greatly expand usability among experienced musicians. 

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