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Are the haptic motors supposed to be this loud?

After playing around with my Orba for a couple hours (I charged it up to full and upgraded the firmware in the process), I noticed that the vibration motor for the haptic response is way louder than I think they should be. At 50% volume the motor buzz is clearly audible over the synth in a quiet room. Is this a QC issue? Is anyone else having this problem?

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Really sorry to hear this; I've experienced this under different conditions (which unfortunately can't help with this case), and it does sound as if you've got a faulty unit. It might be useful when talking to Artiphon support if you could record a short audio clip of the motor noise for them; I suspect they'll know at once whether it's fixable.

Done...well, it's a video clip. I will just need to know where/how to send it in.

Please contact and they will take care of this.

I've just reached out to support, but considering they are probably swamped I thought I'd share my issue here as well to see if this might be common.
Are you experiencing a very hard rattle with the vibration, or just loud vibration itself? I think the motor is vibrating and hitting the internals of my Orba when I hit a note and rotate the instrument to trigger expression simultaneously. Here is a direct link to a clip of this.
Haptic feedback causing loud vibration
Sorry for the loud sound of a fan in the background, but I start with audio on and you can still hear the sound. Then I turn audio all the way down and it almost sounds as if the rattle is an instrument itself. I assure you it is not though. Even though it does sound like pretty decent percussion. :)

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Mine doesn't seem as loud as that, but that may be because your video is closer to the sound, so to speak. I hadn't tried tilting at the same time as tapping a pad, but I can get a similar sound out of mine. The vibration itself doesn't feel out of the ordinary -- around a PS4 controller in feeling. Maybe a little stronger.

Thanks for the reply, Robert! Yeah, the feel of it doesn't feel out of the ordinary, although a little strong. I am actually even fine with hearing that vibration when it is behaving normally, but I can't think that it should sound like that when rotating while pressing the pad. I thought it was a shaker or something for a while when going through the percussion sounds, but when I switch to bass/chord/lead and it still did it I realized something was off...

It looks like a ticket was opened for me at the same time I posted this topic, so I don't think I need to email them again...I did attach a video of what it sounds like to the ticket.

Yes, this is definitely one for support; it shouldn't sound like that.

I have same exact problem and support advised to turn it up louder to make it go away.  I have played with iut two days now it's just not acceptable and going to be returning.

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