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Orba mapping utility for Max for Ableton Live

For those that have Ableton Live with Max and want a convenient way to map Orba’s gestures to parameters in Ableton and set the ranges, here is a Max device that allows an easy way to that without using Ableton’s Midi Learn:

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Just unpacked my Orba! This utility looks really handy. I'm trying to map it to a software synth, but it seems that some of the gestures in the utility already have some automation built in. As soon as I drop this utility on to a channel in Live, I see the slider for all gestures except Bump  move around without me doing anything. My Orba is lying untouched on one side. I verified by removing and re-adding the utility, and I see the same slider automation each time, so it makes me think this was somehow saved in to the Max patch - and I don't know anything about Max to be able to troubleshoot this. I opened up the patch in editor mode and it looked.. overwhelming :) As a result when I map this to a parameter on my VST, it's very hard for it to obey my actual physical movement because of the underlying automation.

If someone could guide me how to remove the max automation, I'd be able to use this! Using the Orba for gestures to control my Live synths is my primary use case for the device.

I've attached a video below to demonstrate. (Sorry for the extremely crap quality, the original attachment exceeded allowed attachment size. It should be clear enough to show the problem tho.)

Thanks in advance!

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