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Exporting MIDI

So I created something on my Orba and loaded it into the iOS app on my ipad. I am then able to share the midi file so I email that to myself and try to load that into Audacity or even Ableton and it won't import it into either. When I save it as a audio file and try to import that in I get something about corrupt file type or not supported file type. Any suggestions on what I have to do? 

I suspect that the "audio share" is some sort of compressed representation of the song, rather than an audio rendering of it.  Hopefully someone will update the manual soon so that we can find out how share/import works.

Up. Midi export still not available?

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Not yet, unfortunately. Now that song saving has been reinstalled, this is a feature that our development team is currently working on and hoping to include in a future update. 

Up. Midi export still not available?

Thanks for following up on this. MIDI exporting isn’t available just yet. Our development team is still working on it. 

In the meantime, if you’re wanting to play your songs from your Orba in a DAW, we’d recommend using the Channel-Per-Part MIDI setting in the app, which we’re currently working on a tutorial for. 

Hi Evan, it's nearly half a year later and this functionality still seems to be missing. 

Can we please get an ETA on this? 
I came into this product fully prepared to offer my full support in getting the word out there, but when I discovered that I couldn't export my creations it was a big dissapointment. 
The Orba is neat, but without this functionality I just can't take it too seriously... :/ 

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Please make up your mind, Artiphon. Update your software or hand it over.

"Depending on the vendor, end-of-life may differ from end of service life, which has the added distinction that a vendor of systems or software will no longer provide maintenance, troubleshooting or other support. Such software which is abandoned service-wise by the original developers is also called abandonware. Sometimes, software vendors hand over software on end-of-life, end-of-sale or end-of-service to the user community, to allow them to provide service and further upgrades themselves." (

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To be clear: a few presets every now and then are not to be considered a serious update ...

@GJ van Mulbregt

I agree. Hardware-wise the product is good, but Artiphon really needs to step up their game when it comes to supporting this product. 
I'm sure they will get things done and have something very special for us all soon. 

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Put the pressure on them. All it takes is a few vocal and dedicated people to effect change in a big way. 
I bought into a piece of popular software once years ago, and when the developers refused to listen to people and slacked on their support, a few of us posted on every forum, video and website we could find about the product and didn't stop until they acquiesced. 

Even one person can move a mountain, they just need to be dedicated. 

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Hey Jason and Aeon, just want to make sure you know that we hear you. We can't make any announcements at this time but we've heard similar feedback from other Orba players and we're working on improving Orba. Thanks for voicing your feedback! 

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That's fantastic news. But take it easy a little. After at least 8 months of hard work, the development team also deserves some rest.

It's been about a year since 'save' was restored as a function, but not the ability to save as a useable media format!? WAV, mp3, etc. - all of that needs to be part of this functionality. Saving to the browser is inadequate, particularly as users are locked out of that browser from exporting to a stand-alone audio file.

Please fix this!

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