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Unresponsive Orba? Follow these steps

Follow this article for step-by-step instructions.

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there is no link in your message,

this article is just underlined.... 

Hi Oliver,

If you don't mind trying again, that article is here.

I did as you suggested. The procedure is clear. I already sent you the log. I am still able to play the internal sounds and if I connect the orba via USB c cable I can send midi... But Bluetooth is dead. I cannot reconnect via Bluetooth Cheers Oliver
Just carried out the updated steps supplied by Adam McHeffey to no avail, Orba remains dead. Updated email sent to It is a pretty paperweight

Also attempted the new process to no avail.  I'm not in complete brick mode as I can still play the base sounds, but am unable to do anything else as my PC recognizes it but the software doesn't.  

I carried out the new steps outlined by Adam McHeffey and when I got to the volume up and power procedure my device was again recognised as a USB device and the update worked. I do though still find it very frustrating that my support reqiuest went unanswered for six days. It seems the update procedure has not been fully worked through or tested because these errors seem to be common. However, glad it's finally working again

Tried another PC - worked than..
I hear you on the frustration on the no reply. My ticket has been active for 11 days with no movement. Sorry, but I have a hard time believing that emailing is the best route when the only response received, although still unsuccessful, has been through publicly airing it out here. Trying to stay positive and hopeful but it's getting quite frustrating when it seems like there hasn't been a fix worked on , just more "here, this may work" type suggestions.

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Oliver, the Bluetooth LE Midi connection works different from a normal Bluetooth connection and Windows 10 does not work with Bluetooth LE midi. If you are on a Mac the BT Midi connection is done from the Mac's Audio Midi Setup. The firmware update requires a USB connection.

Joshua, there are several issues going on that all look very similar. Some of these have been addressed with the latest Windows app version:

Some of the issues are customers pressing Volume Up (+) and power at the same time, which puts Orba in update mode (looks dead)- the fix for that is pressing Volume Down (-) and power for 15 seconds and then powering on.

Some issues were due to anti-virus software and permissions settings in Windows. We updated our code signing last week but some of these issues still remain, others are resolved.

In some cases Orba does not seem to connect properly to some USB hardware/Windows combination. It seems like these are mostly cases where customers try to connect to Windows 7. Orba requires Windows 10.

We are still working through these issues but it really depends on which issue is actually the case to know if it may be already fixed and worth a try.

I apologize if I missed this, but this is the first that I've seen it indicated that the software requires Windows 10. Like I stated, I could have missed this somehow but it would at least offer a possible reason for the ongoing issues in my case as I'm running Windows 7.

I can report a new mess..

with great anger i used my work laptop that runs win 10.

I successfully did a standard fw update.

The imac running 10.13.4 high sierra did not manage to do that.

ok fine i thought and went back to my IOS 14 ipad that did work with the orba BEFORE the fw update of the orba.

Tried to connect via Bluetooth and it still fails to do that..

So as of now I have an updated orba but still cannot connect to my ipad apps....

There is not much left to try as I can only restart the ipad and turn the Bluetooth off and on in the Preferences..

To make it clear: I open an app like strng App and try to connect to the orba that is visible but the connection fails...

What now?

There are three ways to connect to strng: directly, through the Bluetooth Connections option in strng itself; via the Orba app; or through a third-party app such as Korg's BLE-MIDI. All three work for me under iOS 13.5, but you can only connect one at a time – so if you're already connected through the Orba app, strng's own Bluetooth won't connect. (But that wouldn't normally be a problem, as strng would simply take its MIDI input from the Orba app and play identically, so it does sound as if there's something else going on.) But try force-quitting strng and relaunching it before giving up.

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thx to Nick for the Infos.

Unfortunatly that did not solve the issue.

As I have an older ipad running on 13.6.1 I can use the orba on that old one.

But before the FW upgrade trouble I could use the orba with my IOS 14 ipad as well!

I rebooted the IOS 14 ipad, I went into systempreferences and shutoff bluetooth, used the several methods, that Nick suggested but, no matter what App I want to use, the BT connect fails on IOS 14 but runs on IOS 13.x

As of now I got my IOS 14 Ipad to recognize the Orba again.

Here is what I did:

I reset all Settings. I did not loose any apps or docs.and the orba was immediatly available after the Ipad restart.

Before that I tried to only reset the network settings which did not help.

To summarize the whole thing:

The Mac with high sierra failed to do the fw update.

My Win 10 Laptop did the job without any problems. There was no need for the procedure that Adam suggested.

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