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Unresponsive Orba? Follow these steps

Follow this article for step-by-step instructions.

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Why would this ship bricked and the direction is to do a firmware update? I repeat, it arrived this way. Not a reassuring sign.

While hacking around with the Orba, I got it into a messed-up or unresponsive state a number of times, but I was always able to bring it back with a firmware reset.

The first thing is to note the instructions on making sure it's turned off, even if already seems to be off...

2) Completely shut down your Orba by holding the Volume Down (-) button while you hold the Power button for 15 seconds.

...and the info on how to turn it on in "DFU mode" AKA "update mode".

3) Hold the Volume Up (+) button while you press the Power button for 5 seconds. This forces Orba to enter update mode.

One thing I found while recovering the Orba on some occasions is that, if it's in DFU mode when you run the App, the App will offer to try and recover it, but it sometimes can't, and fails.

So I always used to make sure the Orba was off with (2), then navigate to this screen:

...before turning it on in DFU mode. You might then see the background change colour slightly (in Windows at least). Now drag the downloaded firmware .zip file into this window as per the instructions:

5) Drag the file onto the Firmware Update cloud icon in the settings panel of the Orba app.

That worked every time.































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Mine just bricked.

I got mine several months ago, have kept firmware up-to-date. Plugged it in last night to charge after about a 45 minute session.

Followed the KB article, submitted an email to Support.

Let's see what happens.

I was very excited to get the ORBA but after the firmware update it is no longer responsive. I’ve attempted the fix so many times that my fingers are numb from pressing the buttons. I’m not even sure if it is receiving a charge. Hopefully there is a fix for the rest of us that still has a unresponsive ORBA. sb.

Hi Joseph. Thanks for getting back to us on this. I've gone ahead and responded to your support ticket with some more information about how to get your Orba up and running. Let me know if you have any questions

Please see previous email reference failed battery and power supply. Me Orba is now just a unique Paper Weight. Also, were is the serial number needed to “update “ the firmware. Finally, need current instructions for return of Orba. Contributor #2126,

Hey all, at this time the only way to update your firmware is through a wired connection to a computer. We've seen some Orba users use a friend's laptop to update their firmware if they don't have a computer handy. We totally understand this isn't ideal and will let you know if this process changes. Please drop us a line in our support portal if we can help you with anything else.

Sorry I couldn't be of more use. Maybe try getting a refund and looking into the other handheld synths? I'm sure they're are some.

Thank you for your answer Tarrellshardha, that’s a shame, but I was starting to get that feeling. If it sounds too good to be true…

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In all honesty I gave up with mine. Unless you can get another PC you're stuck unfortunately
Hello, could someone please tell how I go about updating my Orba without having to buy a new computer? I use an iPad and iPhones to make my music, but none will talk to the Orba without a firmware update requiring a laptop or desktop machine. This seems to be somewhat of an oversight in my humble opinion. This gadget seemed such a good idea…

Thanks Destiny for opening a ticket!  That's the best way to get a quick resolution.  Glad we were able to sort this out for you.

If anyone else needs help resolving an unresponsive Orba, please feel free to reach out via email here.

Hi Destiny.  If you wouldn't mind opening a support ticket, we can resolve the issue by either troubleshooting to revive your Orba or replacing it for you.

Open a ticket here.

I just received it. It worked the first day but now doesn't work, won't turn on and won't charge. Completely unresponsive. A huge waste of money!!!!! Don't buy this and leave reviews everywhere possible.

Thanks for following up on this @joseph. Just messaged you about your Orba battery! 

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