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Feature Request: Quantization

I thought posted but couldn't find my thread.  If it's a re-post, moderator feel free to delete.

I'm a music newbie here, but I do have a few Teenage Engineering pocket synths.  At present, it doesn't appear that the Orba quantizes natively, correct?  I can't always finger drum on beat and it's driving me nuts.

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Orba for sale on Reverb. I’d never buy version 2 if this company doesn’t fulfill promises.

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Using the app to quantize would be a great workaround. The thing that is bothering me most: I’m constantly targeted for Orba 2 ads and when I reply to the thread and ask about Orba 1 support, the questions are ignored. In the meantime every other question about preorder or anything else is answered. This is going to end up biting them. The music production world is very small and customer support has weight.

If it is absolutely impossible to let the Orba quantize on it's own, a relatively easy workaround could be to let the Orbasoftware do the quantization after sending the Loop to the Phone or computer. There should be calculationpower enough to do so.

Artiphon's Orba-1 Todolist

  1. Say a request is high on the todolist.
  2. Offer a spot on the test team.
  3. Say a request can't be done by Orba-1, but the Orba-2 can.
  4. Say the todolist is secret because you don't want to make promises you don't keep.

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As another programmer I totally agree with you, Markus.

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As a programmer I don't buy @Evan's excuse that quantization requires too much processing power.

The Orba 1 just records MIDI data, right? So there's no DSP involved, and quantizing just means snapping any notes to the grid, which should be *very* straightforward.

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You guys realize Artiphon knew the Orbi would never do quantization, right? This hardware issue isn't something they've been trying for years to fix, this was a known shortcoming that was impossible to fix.

Read their post - the only reason they're telling you now is to sell the Orbi 2

This is a case study in why you don't buy products on social media. Especially ones that are delaying deliveries and drop shipping from China. 

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I'm 100% boycotting Artiphon and advising my people to do the same. This kind if behavior is unethical and shows a fundamental disrespect for their customers. IMHO they should buyback our Orba paperweights and exchange them for Orba 2s, since they might have committed, in my opinion, fraud by stating this was at the top of their feature list years agonin writing in their own forum. This implied it would be implemented before other features, which it was not, impacting our decisions around keeping or selling the item, impacting our ability to resell prior to release of the new version. This could, in my opinion, demonstrate damages incurred by us, in which case could imply liability by Artiphon.

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@Evan I'm really bummed to hear this :(

I had seen reviews mentioning the lack of this feature, but went ahead and purchased the Orba based on what @Arne said: 

"Yes, currently Orba does not quantize. Quantization options are high up on our list of upcoming features."

The concept of quantization which is found on everything didn't seem very complicated and it seemed pretty promising that the Orba would be updated based on that comment about "upcoming features". 

Curious if you all might offer trade-ins.

I'm also hopeful that you all can figure out how to add quantization to the Orba 1. Why does it have to happen while the looper is running? I get that some people want to maybe perform with it and have it quantize in real-time? But I'm ok with stopping the playback and then choosing to quantize a section.

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I feel very sad about this. I've been waiting for this like all of us for almost 2 years.

I even had a chat with the support about orba unable to record an MIDI input to try to elude this flaw while waiting.

And what we have now ?

A blinking gesture recorder with camera apps, an overthinked MIDI interface and a team admitting that we will never see this feature coming because of hardware.

I feel fooled as it's almost sure that Artiphon or devs knew it for long time and never told us.

I would love to have a Orba 2 since it ticks everything I want but I prefer boycotting Artiphon for this behavior and what I call "a lack of honesty".

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Evan: "Although there are going to be things that only Orba 2 can do, we’re still committed to supporting both software and firmware development for Orba 1."

I assume that the ongoing support will mainly consist of an update of the todolist. It's great to know what's not going to happen because Orba-1 can't handle it. Maybe the todolist's top 10 can be reduced to a top 3 and that's progress too...


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I'm sure this news is a shocking disappointment to the Orba team that has been promising this feature for 2 years

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It would seem to me that quantization should not take very much processing power compared to the sampling engine. Would it be possible to include in firmware update?

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Can we trade in out Orba 1 for the Orba 2? It kinda seems fair. Especially, since I found the other one pretty useless without quantization.

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It's a bit of a shame, really. Orba 1 really isn't all that useful without quantization, as it's near impossible to tap perfectly on time and otherwise you get pretty major issues. I understand the hardware requirements needed for real time sound processing but I can't help but feel as though my current Orba is now not much more than a toy, without the promise of more professional features in future updates. With this track record, I can't really justify dropping another $150 on an Orba 2. Maybe if there was a way to trade in your old Orba 1 to get a discount on the Orba 2, it would leave less of a bad taste in my mouth.

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