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re up May 5: INSTRUMENT 1 Editor for PC


thoay 5


Hi, I wish you could think about a Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 Editor for PC
with some sound, so we can edit and hear immediatly the result.

Thank you very much in advance.

Sadly now I see also ORBA is apple-centric.

Hope thr release of some app for windows/android and some sessions for Cubase.

Still waiting for 2 Orbas and my poor Instrument 1 is laying in a corner taking dust.

Ciao you all.

I've never much missed the Instrument 1 app sounds on desktop, where there are so many wonderful third-party options; the sounds in the iOS app have their uses (particularly if you run them through effects), but apart from being well sampled and layered for MPE playability they're not particularly great simply as sounds. But sounds in the Windows app at least would be a workaround for the Windows MIDI issue that requires the editor to be closed when you're using a sound source; discussion of this in the old forum was focussed on MIDI-handling solutions, but sounds in the app might solve the problem by another route.

I know the sound are poor, but I'd only want to hear how change the sound when change the settings.

Thanks anyway.

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