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Orba app for Windows update available (v014.13)

We added some additional steps in our Windows installer that could improve the firmware update process:

Artiphon Downloads

Bug Fixes

  • Code signed FW update utilities to attempt to mitigate antivirus apps blocking these
  • Validate DFU utility downloaded correctly before putting Orba into DFU mode
  • Bundle base version of FW update utilities in app to attempt to mitigate issues with firewalls blocking download

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Thank you for updating the app.

Even with the new version of the app, the farm update failed prematurely, but the ORBA LEDs are back. I can also play the drums.

The battery is almost empty and the ORBA is charging.

After charging is complete, try updating the farm again.

Hi there. Is there a minimum Windows version requirement? I have Windows 8 and although I've successfully downloaded the app it won't recognise my Orba when connected via the USB cable. The Orba is turned on as per the instructions. Any suggestions please?

I'm having the same problem as Andrew above. The Orba is simply not recognised by the app (now updated to 14.13). I am on WIndows 7, and windows can see the Orba in devices and printers, although it comes up as an unspecified device. Any help would be welcome, as without this it is a pretty limited instrument

The Orba app requires Windows 10 I’m afraid.

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I've got it on windows 10 and still have the same problem. My orba isn't recognised on the computer

So after being told above that Windows 10 is required (not sure why such limited OS support from Artiphon) I loaded the Orba app on my Windows 10 desktop.  Orba is recognized in Device Manager now but the app opens with just a black screen.  Tried many times, reboot, remove & reinstall app, etc.  All I get is a prompt about saving my loop when exiting the app.

So I have no way to update the firmware on my unit now.  I have used both the PC's I have access to and that is it.

So now what Orba?

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The current version is 014.16. 

Is there lkely to be support for pre Windows 10 or extension of the Ios/android app to enable firmware update? I have Windows 8 and cannot download firmware and do not have access to a Windows 10 computer. I have downloaded the App on Ipad but this cannot update the firmware and just displays a message that I need to update the firmware... I also have accesss to Android but this is no good either.  

 I have had my Orba for a month now and have still not been able to install the windows app and connect. I sent a support request that took 2 weeks to get a response and that response was "get the new version".

Well it still will not install. I can download it fine, extract the executable fine but when launching the install executable it immediately fails (see image file).

I would really like to start using this great product. Please help.


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bonjour aprés avoir installé la version 014.16. quand je lance le logiciel l'ordinnateur affiche que cette version ne marche pas sur cette ordinnateur alors qu'il est sous windows 10 . Aider moi s'il vous plait je vien de recevoir mon orba ! help me please ! voila le message afficher

Pareil pour moi je viens de recevoir Orba et l'application Orba Windows 0.14.16 ne fonctionne pas et sur Orba app Android , Bluetooth Orba n'est pas reconnu ???
Salut Jérôme moi j'ai installé le programme sur un autre ordi sa a fonctionner et pour connecter l'orba au mobile il faut faire la mise a jour sur PC une fois faite sa marche nickel. Bon kiff a toi

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