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Orba shipped to wrong address

My orba was shipped to my billing address instead of my shipping address. It was delivered to the midwest instead of the east coast. I should be making terrible to mediocre beats right now. Instead I'm pouting in a community forum. :( No response from artiphon yet, but I know they are a little over capacity with the first batch going out. Hope to hear back with a solution soon.

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I’m in a similar predicament, no response from Artiphon and I’ve sent three emails in two weeks. They were very responsive back in August, and now I haven’t heard a thing. I paid for an expedited shipping for my Kickstarter pledge and have not received a tracking number or response. Please give us all a response to let us know you value our pledge. Wishing everyone luck.
I guess it's at least nice to have a forum where we can commiserate.

Same. Shipped to billing address (my former residence) and not the shipping address. Not sure why this error happened.

And I have no way of contacting the current residents except with a pleading physical letter. It's too far away for me to pay a visit.

Artiphon service was extremely responsive back in July when I had to change my shipping address, but they seem overloaded right now. Sent a couple e-mails last week. Fingers crossed they can work something out.

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