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MY rhythm is a bit off.....can it quantize my beats?

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I second that question.  How does one quantize, if at all?


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Variation of the same, how do I make a loop of exactly 2 bars, as opposed of 2 bars + 0.5 beat.

Finishing the loop with the "A" button is unreliable without tactile feedback. At this point I am not even sure if it is supposed to happen on pressing or release of the "A" button.

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It's on the press. I find a sharp vertical press is needed to do it reliably on time, but you do develop a feel for it with a little practice and it soon becomes second nature. Quantisation isn't yet implemented, but is coming. If nothing else, the unquantised beats have forcibly improved my terrible sense of rhythm...

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As @Nick Lowe said, I agree a sharp vertical press of A -before the last beat of the last measure - is needed.  I've found if I press A after the last beat of the last measure, it adds an extra empty measure, which I found maddening for the first couple days.

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