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Bluetooth issues connecting to the Orba app on IOS


I've been trying to use my Orba and the Orba app on my iPad Mini 4, using iOS 13.7.  I soon learned that connecting via a USB-C to Lightning connector doesn't work, so I tried using Bluetooth.  Yep, it connects ok but I've noticed when loading presets that things go haywire sometimes.  Occasionally I can upload a preset to the Orba, but at other times the transfer will hang, the connection/upload icon remains in place, with the blue line circling the icon. If I can get out of this screen I've found that the Bluetooth connection has dropped.  Usually I cannot get out and the app hangs. Even if I shut it down, then restart it (even with a shutdown and restart of the Orba) the upload icon is still there.  I have to shut down the iPad totally.

I get none of this when doing a wired connection to my MacBook Pro.  I've yet to try Bluetooth on this machine because I'm not linking to a MIDI app other than the Orba one.

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Same experience with iOS *and* Android apps. The only effect of preset upload attempts is Orba disconnecting from a device. This is quite annoying and kills Orba mobility.

I am having the same problem, I just use iOS, but it happens on both my iPad and iPhone

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same issue, ios 14.01, upload a preset, orba hangs briefly, upload doesnt work and bluetooth connection drops. I can change presets via the Windows app while connected via USB, no issues.

I cannot even connect my Prba via bluetooth to my iphone. Both updates (app and firmware) done, but the Orba doesn‘t even show up as device in the Orba app....

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I have the problem on my MacBook - the app interacts fine with the orba when it is connected by USB, but when it is connected via bluetooth, the app doesn't connect with the device - which means that I can't disable the sound for example when using it in Ableton as a midi device - which is why I bought it. I've figured out how to use it in Ableton a midi device - and it is great, really ool, I love it - but for peformance I really need it to be wireless. 

I also have problem connecting my Orba to my Xiaomi A5 and my Acer Notebook. Both can detect the Orba on bluetooth but it just doesn't recognize and pair. Anyone has the same problem

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Yes, I have the same problem. It is detected on my ipad and my android device, but no way to connect it.

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So a lot of people with the same issue, a no help from Artiphon. What a useless forum for a product launched full of bugs.....

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This is a long shot, but is Bluetooth switched on in the iOS system settings? If it is off, the Bluetooth LE Midi part in any app will not work.

This is a long shot, but is Bluetooth switched on in the iOS system settings? If it is off, the Bluetooth LE Midi part in any app will not work.

In my case, yes. I can actually pair the Orba with bluetooth and even use it in Ableton on bluetooth- although the bluetooth pairing drops often - but when the Orba is connected in bluetooth, it does not connect with the app - so I can't turn the preset sounds off.
Is that all you can contribute? To ask if we are too dumb to turn on bluetooth in the ios settings? Sure it is on, how should the iPhone connect otherwise with any other bluetooth device, which is does immidiately?!
Hello calling Orba tech team - I guess we're all hoping that this bug can be remedied in the next version of the app - please let us know!
Hi Marjorie, there are a few different issues in this thread. Currently the Orba app on Mac does not connect using Bluetooth. We are looking into adding that so that the app can work with Bluetooth LE Midi on a Mac. The other issue that Uwe_brenneke is describing is a new bug that we just discovered and the team is working on a fix.
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