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Bluetooth issues connecting to the Orba app on IOS


I've been trying to use my Orba and the Orba app on my iPad Mini 4, using iOS 13.7.  I soon learned that connecting via a USB-C to Lightning connector doesn't work, so I tried using Bluetooth.  Yep, it connects ok but I've noticed when loading presets that things go haywire sometimes.  Occasionally I can upload a preset to the Orba, but at other times the transfer will hang, the connection/upload icon remains in place, with the blue line circling the icon. If I can get out of this screen I've found that the Bluetooth connection has dropped.  Usually I cannot get out and the app hangs. Even if I shut it down, then restart it (even with a shutdown and restart of the Orba) the upload icon is still there.  I have to shut down the iPad totally.

I get none of this when doing a wired connection to my MacBook Pro.  I've yet to try Bluetooth on this machine because I'm not linking to a MIDI app other than the Orba one.

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Apologies if I've misunderstood, but if you're on iOS 14.2, that's the version that broke Bluetooth LE MIDI; see Arne's post just above yours in the thread. At the moment the only recourse is to install the 14.3 beta, but at least Apple are on the case and trying to clear up their mess on this one.
I really wish I would have seen these discussions before I bought this device. I just got my orba today and have had issues right out of the box. I bought into the hype. The idea is cool but the connection issues that we all face makes the selling points of wireless and mobility useless. Why have Bluetooth as a feature if it's not going to work and frequently disconnect? Very disappointed..

A little help with bluetooth connection! I use GarageBand on my iphone SE. If I turn on the bluetooth connection on the phone, it will search for a long time and you will not see the Orba! But if I enter the app (GarageBand) and select the advanced mode there and start the buluetooth connection there you will always find Orba! And already connected! If the connection is successful, the device will work fine! :) This is my experience, it works well with my phone! The old edition Iphone SE phone!

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Hey @Bryzon559, I'm sorry to hear Orba is giving you connection issues. If you haven't already, go ahead and update to the latest firmware. This most recent update should fix any pairing issues you may have. If that doesn't help your issue please open a support ticket with us and our tech specialist will help you get everything running smoothly.

We're constantly working on improving Orba and the app. Keep an eye on the firmware updates to make sure you have the latest version of the app and firmware. Thanks!

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