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My ORBA was a Lemon until it bricked

 A+Pad 6 rarely would CLEAR and after about 15 loops BEEEEP ALL LIGHTS RED - then all Green lights.

Passed Firmware Update with no problem but it only lasted 2 hours or so.  Lots of FUN until I Powered it off. The LEMON is now a BRICK. The app does not see it.  It's dead, Jim.

This is really bad news, Kerry.

Have you tried to leave it charging overnight? Then perhaps attempted some kind of factory reset?

I've been able to give some ancient tech new life with this trick.

Kerry, I found a more extensive thread on this topic here:

No!  to repeat!

The App will not see it!  

It will not charge!.

After the firmware update.

Sorry I took up your time.  I did find the support email.  Now waiting to hear back..hope in days not weeks... I'd even pay airmail to send it back if that'd make it faster.  Sigh!

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