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This device cannot start. (Code 10)

It's fully charged.  It works stand-alone, but won't connect to PC (Win 7).

It shows in device manager but with an alert icon and shows "This device cannot start. (Code 10)" in properties.

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Same issue here with Windows 8.  I can't perform a firmware update or make any changes through the app such as loading different sounds.

I have downloaded this software 3 separate times. I've uninstalled and reinstalled, nothing! Cant Update my firmware on my Apple devices because they are an iPad & iPhone and Windows 10 isn't letting me open the app. It's downloaded, Icon on my screen, try to open to a large black frame but nothing inside it. So because the firmware has to be done on PC or MAC COMPUTERS I cannot update mine? This whole thing has been disappointing. Been waiting forever and now I cant use it with my Apple devices until the firmware updates & who know when that might be?

The Orba Windows app does require Windows 10. There is an update (app version 0.14.13) available here:

I have windows what the problem?
Have you downloaded the update 0.14.13 from our website and you are still seeing a black frame only when you open the app?
Yes I am. I was doing it yesterday

So does the Orba require Windows 10 really? There was no mention of this on the Kickstarter or website. For the many people on Windows 8 (still in support) what are we meant to do? Surely a driver or whatever is needed can be issued for Windows 8


My Orba is working ok on its own, but it does not connect to my Windows 10 PC. I have app version 0.14.13 installed.

In the settings devices menu it says Artiphon Orba driver error, and in the device manager it says..... This device cannot start. (Code 10) The I/O device is configured incorrectly or the configuration parameters to the driver are incorrect.

Does anyone know if there is a separate working driver I can install, or any way of making it work?



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Also the app is opening correctly just not seeing the orba connected via usb.

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That is exactly my issue too Dan.I raised a ticket last Thursday but heard nothing yet

I too think it looks like a driver issue, 

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It is a shame the Windows software solution seems to be so buggy.  I hope someone from Artiphon is passing this along as the Orba is missing features without being able to update the firmware.

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I have managed to update the firmware in the Orba on a different computer, but the Orba will not communicate with my production pc!

anyone getting anything back from Artiphon? 2 weeks now and no response to ticket

Same issue here.... Win10, last app, but can't connect orba correctly (driver issue indicated in win and within app Orba is not detected)..... it's detected well on another laptop with a more recent w10 version so i guess I will re-install/upgrade win on this one with pb

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