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Deactivating the vibration?

 Is it possible to deactivate the vibration? I know it's a feedback thing, but when I have the Orba on my desk it's very distracting.

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This is a needed feature. Just let us turn it on/off...

Ok, must add this analogy to the wizard engineers at Artiphon:  I’m a piano and woodwind musician and I certainly wouldn’t want my contra bass clarinet mouthpiece to vibrate upon every touch, And for that matter none of my midi wind instrument controllers vibrate either, this incessant hepatic is only a welcomed function as a musician if IT ONLY vibrated when power is seriously low or toggled off.

Otherwise, as a serious musician, this is a creativity buzz kill and more of a novelty sketch device.

This is a needed feature. Just let us turn it on/off...

I am very disappointed by the lack of an official statement in the most popular thread in this forum. If the vibration is hardwired to the input, it would be a very strange decision from an engineering viewpoint. But if it is not possible to fix via a software update, at least let the customers know that posting here will yield no result. If it is possible to fix via a software update, please make a statement if it will be done.

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Disappointed to see this thread. 

I was paying for a music intrument, not a dildo. 

Where is "turn vibration off" feature? Thing is absolutley useless for me untill feature is present. 

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I'm not understanding how the ability to turn the haptic feedback/vibration off/on isn't a thing yet.

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yes, please allow disabling haptic feedback/vibration

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Please implement this feature, this would be very helpful +1

This is definitely very high up on our list. 

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Glad to hear that Arne, I was just coming here to add my vote! An option to control vibration levels from the app (including turning them off) would be ideal IMO.

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