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Feature request: chord pad 8 default to C/E (first inversion of C)

I like how pad 7 is the V6 chord (G/B in key of C), which is ubiquitous in popular music and EDM.  

The Hooktheory Song DB shows that the I6 chord (one chord in first inversion) is actually even more frequently used than V6 so I'd vote to make the 8 pad for chords be I6, which is C/E in the default C major scale. 

Right now, pad 8 is the second inversion of the I chord (C/G), which is used less often in popular/EDM music.

When recording a "song" as Orba calls it, can use the bass track to change the inversion of any chord to your liking, but I think there is a good use case to just noodle around in chord mode, in which case, you want the eight most used chords. 

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