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Orba not charging and vibration issue


I already wrote to the support, but after multiple days without a life sign, I want to post the issue here.

I received my Orba (was a campaign backer), and it won't charge on any charger or pc connection.

It works fine (except the second issue I will write below) when plugged in, but as soon as I remove the cable, the device shuts down, and trying to turn it on again without plugging it in always results in a red blinking pad 8.

I connected it to my PC and updated the firmware and left it charging there (pad eight pulses green). However, even after multiple hours, the firmware's battery indicator still shows an empty icon, and unplugging it again shuts it down immediately.

This is very frustrating as it completely loses mobility, and I want to use my Orba cable-free. Like it is intended.

Now I would like to get any response about how this will be handled, and I am frustrated that I backed the Orba at the Kickstarter:

1) It was available in retail before I received my Orba

2) Buying it in retail (at least in Germany), I would have reliable support and multiple options for RMA or return

The second annoying issue I have is the feedback motor. It is extremely loud! When starting up from idle, it also makes a slight clicking sound.

This is, in my opinion, a big failure for an instrument, and there's not even an option in the firmware.

Have you used a prototype with this motor? Or is my device defective?

Please respond as I feel very left alone with an unsatisfying device after such a long wait.

Hi Raffaele, our customer support currently has slower response times than we like. Your Orba has a one year warranty so you don't have to worry about that. It may just take a bit longer until the support team gets to your ticket.


I wrote a support mail, I posted here in the forums about my device that clearly has a hardware failure (not charging).
Your answer was not satisfying:

I waited nine months for the delivery and was extremely impressed by the promotional videos. The device that was delivered is not just defective, it's also a disappointing product.

1) The feedback motor is extremely loud
I don't understand how this issue could get through product development or QC. It's so frustrating not even being able to turn it off via software.

2) The overall sound is far from great as it was advertised
The speaker is worse than any phone speaker I have heard in the last 5 years. It's weak and the sound is just no fun.

3) The sound output quality is bad
You can argue about the speaker of such a small device. But the output quality, even when using headphones or using an audio interface is garbage. It's glitchy, has noise, is often clipped... I don't understand how this is marketed as such an audio device when it's sound quality equals that of a kid toy.

4) Many sounds are glitchy (?) or broken, especially in drums.
Listen to this combo of the shaker sound + feedback motor. This sounds horrible.

5) Chords has no polyphony
Is this just my device or a general problem.

Maybe the Orba is just intended as a midi controller, I didn't test it this way because... it's annoying to be cable bound all the time.

Somehow I wish I would have waited for it to go into retail, with shipping to Germany I basically had almost no difference to the retail price in Germany and I could have just returned the device if defective or unhappy with it.

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Orba worked out of the box. Charged it over night now it won't turn on..any clues to help??
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