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Is the Instrument one abandoned?

I have to ask as we havent seen a firmware update in literally years. We are still waiting for things like pitch rounding to make slide usable. The pc/ios editors also havent been given any attention in the same amount of time. Theres so much potential but nothing seems to be moving forward?

I actually went back to the old forum and found the answer i was given over a year ago. What happened? Mar '19 Callum, I appreciate your skepticism but I assure you I’m not delivering ‘copy pasta’ :smile: You’ll just have to bear with us and trust me when I say we’re keeping very busy over here and look forward to sharing updates with you all when that time comes.
They did find time to update the iOS app in August, which given everything else that was going on I took as an encouraging sign. I'm not sure pitch rounding is on their roadmap; they always seemed a bit sceptical about it on the old forum, though a good case was made for at least having it as an option. But I wouldn't blame them for prioritising fixing rollout issues with the Orba just at the moment; they need to take that pressure off before they can get to the real business of showing all those Orba converts that what they really need is an Instrument 1. (Which it is, obvs.) I still fantasise about a fusion of the two technologies, with the Bluetooth MIDI and internal synth from the Orba in a v2 I1, but the synth will only be useful once they've opened the Orba version up to users.

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