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Where are my Orbas?

I ordered two. One expedited and one not. Supposedly they were shipped at the end of July. Two months later, I have received neither. I have sent multiple emails and not received a reply. WTF?

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Artiphon is apparently setting up shipping with DHL to the point that a tracking number is generated.  They then send that tracking number to their customers and say "The Orbas are on the way!!".  The only problem is - and I experienced this myself - they don't actually hand the Orbas to DHL to ship.  I called DHL to ask where my order was, since their website never updated the shipment status.  DHL told me they've never received the order.  

I checked their Kickstarter page, and they are getting serious torched over this.  The complete lack of communication with their customers makes the situation much worse.

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Would like to know if my Orbas have shipped?

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I too would like to know where my Orba is. I have not received a tracking number even. I have already asked this question by 1. Sending a comment directly to creator on kickstarter; 2. email using the address listed by the creator on the kick starter comments and 3. Here. I will go to the comment section in Kickstarter next. Their reply to my email was to send me here. How about am explanation of where my Orba is?

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Somebody received ordered Obra? I'm here, because I sent a question. Where's mine?
I'm backer number 4741 from Mumbai in India. Can we puh-lease have clarity on delivery of my Two Orbas ???

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I was told 4-6 weeks to ship my orba. It’s been 8 weeks and no word.

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I ordered over 2 weeks ago... status is still "Being Processed".  Seriously?!  No feedback from the company.  They already charged my account.  Is this a scam?!  I am reading all the same issues above..... people have been waiting MONTHS?!!!???!!!   and it doesn't seem that the company has even responded to anyone above.  

how do I cancel my order?  This company is appears to be SCAM

I mistakenly ordered 2 of these off Facebook under a different seller and was scammed. They sent me garbage Bluetooth speakers worth maybe $5. So I took the plunge and spent WAY more ordering from Orba because I thought they have to be legitimate. Still haven’t received it and ZERO communication from the company!!!!

The best way to get Artiphon to converse with you is through their Facebook page.  That was how I got started once I realized something had gone wrong with the shipping process.

So should I just file a claim with my bank and have the charges reversed?
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