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GeoShred SWAM IAPs out this week

The long-awaited SWAM instruments for GeoShred have made a teasing appearance in the App Store, though they won't be purchasable till GeoShred 5 drops this week. There are $14.99 IAPs for Oboe, Cello, Tenor Sax, Clarinet, Violin, and Flute, and a $75 bundle for all six. I don't know exactly when in the week it's coming, but keep refreshing…

"This week" turned into this week, but they finally dropped today and sound lovely. Note that these versions are monophonic, and some of the woodwinds will need some capoing on the I1 to match the instrument range. Be warned that, because of limitations on how Apple processes IAPs, you can't upgrade from single purchases to the full bundle, so you need to decide at the outset whether you're likely to want all six. This video demo may help (using a Seaboard rather than an I1, so not as delicate on the touch):
In a pointless and pretty outrageous first for iOS music software, the new version of GeoShred needed to run them comes with jailbreak detection and will refuse to run if it thinks it's on a jailbroken device, even when the jailbreak is actually disabled. In fact, and pointlessly, it only kicks in if you disable the jailbreak. Fortunately it's so ineptly implemented that deleting and reinstalling (even with jailbreak active) brings it back to life. I've no idea what kinds of nefarious shenanigans it thinks we might get up to, though needless to say the first thing I then did was poke around under the hood to see what they were trying to hide, which would otherwise never have occurred to me. I'm still none the wiser, but I was able to see how impressively compact the physical-modelled instruments are (only 15.9 MB for the flute). On the plus side, iOS versions all the way back to 9.3 are supported.
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