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Memory wiped when switching to Chord

Twice in a row now, I'd recorded a drum track (with a couple over-dubs), and then a bass track, and then when I switched to "chord" it immediately stopped recording, stopped playing, and reset to the drum mode.  I couldn't put it into the play mode, and putting it into record mode didn't have any of the tracks I'd recorded.

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 Being on the newest FW, I have similar issues, very frustrating. I start with a drum track and record. But after tapping "A" the lights will just blink red and nothing. Sometimes I can work around that by selecting bass or a different track first... But it's really hit or miss. I lost more tracks or even 4 track loops (after switching tracks it goes red blinky despite having recorded the other tracks beforehand) than not. On the orignial FW I did not have the problem. @Artiphon please let us know what's going on and how to fix this!

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