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Orba Bluetooth and Windows 10 Connection Help

I have tried connecting my Orba to multiple Win10 systems with Bluetooth. None of them connect but they are recognized. I was hopeful but not completely surprised.

It works fine on MacOS high Sierra though.

Is this a bug?

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Hello Paul McKeon, there is not that this problem under Windows 10 see also in this post:

Thanks for the help. I had read the manual, but I must have overlooked the part about 

Windows 10 doesn't support MIDI over Bluetooth.

Good to know :{

While doing some research on the subject I came across two names... Midiberry and LoopMidi software that supposedly help windows connect MIDI over Bluetooth. I couldn't make it work following some online tutorial because unfortunately I cannot even connect Orba to Windows Bluetooth at all!

Can Orba engineers allow Windows to connect to Bluetooth?

Google Search on the subject ->

Yeah, this device should definitely be able to pair with windows Bluetooth.. don’t babysit us, we have the ability to use this tech without governing our every move…. I use midiberry and loopMIDI for the seaboard and it works fine. If this is a glitch I propose it to be looked at and hopefully fixed. This is a great device but it’s sad to see it fall short on really simple things

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