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Pricing in the EU

Hi all. I am a prospective buyer of the Instrument 1, but I wanted to voice my opinion that I feel it is unfair that clients based in the EU are unable to benefit from Artiphon’s price reductions. Why should we have to pay nearly 400€ plus postage fees for just the I1 with no accessories, when it is currently priced at 299$ on Artiphon’s own website?

I understand that import duties have to be paid, but the price still isn’t on par with Artiphon’s listing. For example, import duty in Spain is a maximum of 30%, then there is VAT (IVA) to pay. It’s even more expensive in the UK. I feel that the International distributors area taking advantage of the scarcity of this product.

I don’t understand why it is not possible to purchase direct from Artiphon’s own website, rather than being forced to pay extortionate prices by the EU distributors. 


Artiphone is a US based company, if they want to sell in the EU, or Asia or South America, Africa etc, there are trade tarrifs linvolved that have nothing to do with Artiphone, its the nature of international business i'm afraid, customs/duty charges are added when goods are shipped to different trade blocks.

Thank you, but that still does not explain why it is not possible to purchase directly from Artiphon - particularly when only one store in the EU actually has any stock, and the price of that stock does not reflect the price of the current offer on Artiphon’s own website. 

Well it does, if you buy direct from any US company like Artiphone, it would need to be shipped across trade borders, and customs charges added at the bordder so you would end up paying a higher price.

When they supply goods to stores like Thomann for example, those customs charges also apply to Thomann so Thomann add that to the price making it more expensive than the base US price  when selling in the EU. Its an unavoidable issue of international trade that if you don't have a free trade agreement, tarrifs and taxes apply to your purchase.

OK, I just did the maths, and you are correct, based on 30% Customs Import duty. The VAT has already been factored in. But I suppose I am really railing against the price difference between what US citizens pay for an item compared to what EU citizens have to pay, and the discrepancy between the two has never sat well with me. In this case, a US citizen pays 255,49€ plus shipping, whilst we pay another 30€, which isn’t too bad, but once you start to consider how much more we have to pay for more expensive items, the price disparity is considerable.

Factor in other tariffs on electronic goods and the increased cost of shipping internationally, and it does come out about even. If Artiphone were to set up an european office they could of course offer it as a european product, and sell it much cheaper here, but they'd have to keep the profits and bank accounts EU based.  Thats beyond the scope of a small company.. It works the other way, an EU company selling product to the US has its costs increased for its US consumers.. International trade is a bit of a farce really...its just the crazy world we live in. 

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