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Monitoring stereo output from I1 externally

I just wanted to check - if I wanted to monitor the stereo output from the I1 on my THR10II amplifier am I right in thinking that the way to do so would be to connect the headphone out from the I1 to the Aux in of the THRII - is that correct? 

In a discussion on the topic on the Audiobus forum I was told that this would produce some audible latency. Is this true? I detest latency, so I prefer to avoid it as far as possible.

Hi, David – great to see you here! You'll probably only notice the slight additional latency (from routing the audio back to the I1 and out again) if you do a direct comparison with the audio straight from the iPad (or whatever) audio out. I only remember one other person even mentioning it in four years of the old forum, and nobody's ever said they're actually bothered by it; it doesn't seem to be an issue for most users, and I'm not sure how many are even aware of it. I certainly don't find myself noticing it while playing via headphones from the I1.

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That’s great to hear, thank you.

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