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Pre purchase enquiry

Reading through many posts on several forums and watching as many Youtube videos as possible, It seems that it’s fairly simple to get the I1 working in Windows 10, Mac OS and on iPad OS, but is it really that easy? 

I ask because I encountered issues with both my Steinberg UR22C audio interface and my Yamaha THR10II used as an audio interface. 

The UR22C worked fine on my iPad Pro, but not on my PC, and my THR10II worked fine on the PC, but wouldn’t allow me to monitor on my iPad Pro. Frankly I don’t have time to mess around with driver issues, and I am becoming more and more frustrated with all this getting in the way of actually making music with these devices! - I just want something that works out of the box with no issues, and it sounds as though the I1 does. But I wanted a reality check before pulling the trigger on one.

Sorry, David, you probably don't need to hear any more from me, but it's a pretty bulletproof device. The only issues I'm aware of are that (i) on Windows (but not Mac or iOS) you need to close the Artiphon editor before opening whatever app you're using as a sound source (not a bug but a consequence of the way Artiphon works around Windows' handling of MIDI), and (ii) firmware updates won't work through an adapter, so you need to use the single-piece cable provided for that. I don't use it with Windows myself, but I don't think having to close the editor is a huge deal; after the first flush of mad experimentation you're likely to settle on a handful of preferred presets that you keep permanently onboard in the four user slots.

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 Not at all, I’m grateful for your feedback. 

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