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I1 discussions on other forums

Are there any discussions on the I1 on other forums aside from the Audiobus forum? It seems this forum has been pretty much abandoned.

There's of course four years of I1-specific discussion at the old forum at - there wasn't much we didn't cover there at some point.

Yes, I get that, but there is very little activity now, and I did read most of the content. What I want is a current discussion. It has been some time since the I1 was released, and I would like to hear about user experiences - how users view the instrument three years on, and what improvements they would like to see in the next version or firmware update. I realise that there are posts on the old forum relating to these questions, but very little in the way of recent contributions. 

If you compare the number of posts to those of a dedicated forum such as the V-Guitar forums, there is actually not a great deal of discussion going on. In fact I was surprised not to have been able to find any discussions on the V-Guitar forums relating to the I1, since I would have thought it would be considered very interesting technology.

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