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Orba app 0.14.21 is available

Orba app version 0.14.21 is now available. 

For iOS: The Apple App Store will have the latest version for download or updating. 

For Android: The Orba Android app is still in a public beta test phase due to connection issues. The beta test can be joined here:

For Mac and Windows: If you have the app already installed you will see a prompt to update from within the app. If you have not installed the app, it is available here:

What's new:

  • Enjoy new tunings! The Orba Diatonic tuning can be found in the Lead presets folder. Orba Open and Orba 7th can be found in the Chord presets folder. 

  • Orba will now put itself to bed. Leave Orba running for ten minutes and it will automatically power down. Feel free to disable this feature in the settings menu.

  • The app will now automatically detect if your Orba is in "DFU mode” and prompt a firmware update. In the unlikely event that your Orba becomes unresponsive or "bricked," this will make it easy to resurrect. 

  • We’re temporarily removing the Song Browser and song saving buttons. Song saving was causing unexpected behavior in other areas. This is a temporary fix and we look forward to bringing songs back, better than before. 

  • This update also includes major stability improvement across multiple devices. 

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1. The song saving could produce some corrupted files that could cause seemingly unrelated issues in different areas. that is why we decided to temporarily remove the song saving so that users don't run into these issues until it is fixed and back in.

2. There is no risk in doing that but on iOS the app store does not allow to go back. You will of course not have the new features and presets.

3. We can not talk about future updates with a specific timeline but we have a long backlog of features, most of them are the ones that are publicly discussed and proposed by customers

4. As part of our backlog we are planning to give more customization for tunings, gestures, and sounds. The interaction and architecture of our gestures, sounds, tunings, and modifiers is pretty complex and just editing the XML files will very likely lead to corrupt files that cause unexpected behaviors. That is why we want to offer more access in a direct way.

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Arne- I just updated my phone to iOS 14.3 beta and Bluetooth seems to be working just fine! Hopefully Apple will push out this update to everyone soon. Finally!!!

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The songs will still be there once we put the song library back in. We have temporarily removed it until the major bugs are fixed.

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Done, thanks!

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I've updated the Desktop Mac App but it doesn't show the firmware update as being active. It is greyed out.

I'm using App Version 0.14.21 and the current firmware version is 0.13.19

The app on iOS shows the update available.

Anyone else having this problem?

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Yes Cris, I'm having the same problem. 

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Same for me - iPadOS 14.3 Public Beta 2, working well. Phew!

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I do not see an update in the iOS store for my iPhone app. Still says 0.14.16. .

Hi there!

Some questions:

1. I'm wondering, why do you call crippling the software a temporary fix?
2. Is there any risc in not updating (or removing the 'update' and reinstalling the previous version)? Does it hurt my Orba in any way? (wouldn't want that)

3. What is your planning for next updates?

4. Do you plan to publish the format for presets, songs, loops, etc? Or even an app for textbased editing?  

Kind regards,

Gert Jan 

@Arne, when do you expect the Save Song functionality to return? I just received an Orba for Christmas but was very disappointed to learn that I can't save anything I make. I really like the product, but I'd like to be able to save my work. Can you give your customers an update on your progress fixing the issues with that feature? 



Douglas, the iOS app is still going through the release and review process at the app store. It should be live very soon.


Thank you for your swift answers.

1. With Apple-users in mind I understand that protective approach. I'm an Android/Windows-user so i'm used to somewhat rougher, hands-on DIY solutions.

2. I reinstalled the app in Windows and the 3 new presets were not deleted (I saved them to copy them back, but that was not necessary). I didn't see any new features, so I do not miss them yet.

3. Very wise. It is better to surprise than to break promises.

4. I can not wait :-)

Kind regards,

Gert Jan 

I have now updated to the latest version of the Orba app on my iPhone. Every time I try to connect to my Orba via Bluetooth in the app, the app crashes. At one point I was able to connect briefly but the Bluetooth connection was immediately lost. I checked in my settings and yes, Bluetooth is enabled in the app. Any help would be appreciated.

Could I suggest this topic be unpinned? The thread for the latest version is here, and this outdated thread is attracting replies in the wrong place. (The Orba + iOS 14.2 thread is also pretty much superseded and should probably also be unpinned. Note that only five threads total are shown under each category on the main forum page, so ideally the pinned threads should be kept to four or fewer per category so that at least one other current topic is visible.)

Buonasera a tutti. 

Non compare la scritta "save" e non permette di registrare. Certo l'utilità è ridotta al 50%. Un costruttore di loops volatili..... C'e' qualcuno che possa suggerire una soluzione?

Io proverò col registratore (un DW 100) .... mah!

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