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Can't save

save does nothing on the windows 10 app. Can't even change the key on a brand new song.

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same problem with Mac IOS app. The Save button does not exist and the key is always C and can't be changed. Anyone knows how to do?

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Manage to change key and tempo but cannot find way to save the save.

"Temporarily removed to fix a bug" is not ideal tactics, folks. If all is in alpha or pre-beta as it apparently is, how about a comm window in the app, where you can communicate such dramatic info to users, instead of letting a bunch of enthusiasts wondering what to do next? :-(

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same Problem. Windows 10 app and Android beta app.

Same problem. Windows 10 and no save button.

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I just received my Orba and it's a nice idea, but so buggy. Not can I not save in the app -- or change key, tempo, or anything else - but there's note even save button or anything. You fill out the fields and then...nothing.

On the Orba, neither the pitch nor tempo works by sliding my finger. Cute idea, but a disappointing device. I'll be returning it.

Orba app not showing save button..

Version 0.14.21

Firmaware 0.14.8


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Yes, I did post a link earlier in this thread to Arne's other thread explaining this, but I'm not sure people are noticing it:

We’re temporarily removing the Song Browser and song saving buttons. Song saving was causing unexpected behavior in other areas. This is a temporary fix and we look forward to bringing songs back, better than before. 


Thanks for pointing that out Nick!... I did miss that link.  Their post was a month ago which supports my opinnion that this product was not ready for retail.  If I had just bought this in a store, I would be back in the car on my way to return it.  Has potential, but I shouldn't have to scour forums in order to discover why I can not complete a basic task demonstrated on thier tutorials.  Hope they get their act together. As a kickstarter backer, I am not impressed. 

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Yes, it was actually working fairly well for me before it was pulled; I don't know what the issue was, but I hope a fix is close…

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Same problem here! On Mac! No save button - no songs recordable!

Not cool if it was mentioned a month before!!!

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How long is this fix going to take??? What's the point of creating music if I can't save it? Artiphon is dropping the ball big time. I've never encountered a device with so many bugs.

- Connecting to a PC via USB 2 or 3 causes the windows blue screen of death crash EVERY time

- Can't save any songs despite this being a "quick fix" and it's been over a month

- Can't connect via bluetooth using the app. It Connects, and immediately disconnects

I'll probably be sending this ineffective paperweight back shortly, very disappointed

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You would think that due to the logistical problems, Artiphon had enough time to provide good software. But, still not a properly working Android and Windows app. And on Kickstarter, there are still many who didn't even get their Orba delivered. Shame on you, Artiphon, shame on you!

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Well, it is good to see (sort of) that I am not alone with this issue. I love the device, but I for sure would love it more if it wasn't a one hit wonder ;)

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