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Is Artiphon a scam

I’ve been trying to contact Artiphon to find out about getting the Orba I paid for in January. I can’t get any answers or contact them. Recent posts suggest that Orbas are now being sold by third parties yet backers are left without product and with no information. This is unacceptable and a bad reflection on Kickstarter. Does anyone have suggestions as to the best thing to do?

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I too had a bad experience that made me wonder if I was getting scammed
I had a hell of a time trying to get a hold of them when I a problem with my order that sucked $900 out of my account be cause I had my order canceled 3 times in a row after payment was accepted. I tried the normal support and sales email But no immediate response. However I did open a customer support ticket Using the user account they setup for you after purchase. I actually got a reply the a few days later with an in depth answer to and description of what happened that was enough for me to figure out how to get my order to process properly. And all of the 3x $300 charges were refunded to my accounts

I also Did eventually get responses to all of my emails regarding the issue. So just be patient and try to submit an actual customer support ticket through the user account

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Thanks for your reply. Artiphon got in touch today to say they will ship to Ireland soon so fingers crossed

First and last Artiphon, It's not acceptable the product is faster and cheaper buing on the net then supporting the kickstarter 10 months ago. Appart from an excellent marketing team that company is nothing... So yes, this is a sort of Scam indeed.

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