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Orba firmware v0.14.8 is available

Orba firmware version 0.14.8 is now available

What's New?

  • There's a smarter way to loop! We heard similar feedback from many users that looping could be a bit easier to play, and we agree. 
  • Pickup notes: The looper will accept notes played shortly before the first “1” of the measure and add them to your final measure, right where you played them.
  • The “A” button no longer needs to be pressed immediately after the loop ends. The loop now ends at the end of the bar the last note was played in (or automatically after 8 bars). We figured, “why rush?”
  • Orba sounds better: we adjusted the limiter in the audio engine to create clearer, less distorted sounds… even when playing at 11.
  • Orba’s metronome can now be switched on + off now by holding the A button and Pad 7 – BPM for two seconds
  • Orba will now put itself to bed. Leave Orba running for ten minutes and it will automatically power down. Feel free to disable this feature in the settings menu.
  • This update includes dozens of bug fixes and stability improvements, especially with looping.

To update your Orba please connect Orba to a Mac or Windows computer using a USB cable and open the Orba app. The Orba desktop app is available here for download:

  • Open the Orba desktop app and go to the settings page by clicking on the A symbol in the right upper corner. 
  • Next to "Firmware Update" a green cloud symbol indicates a firmware update. Clicking on the cloud symbol will start the update.

If you experience any issues with the update process please follow these steps:

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Damn, I appreciate the update but you literally make it impossible to save music. First you remove the save song feature and now you wipe the song I had been NOT USING THE DEVICE because I did not want to lose it? This is very 2020 of you.

Obviously, removing the ability to save and restore songs is crippling.  Any ETA on when we'll get that back?  What about our old songs -- will we get them back or are they now lost forever?  How about adding a means to export/backup songs when you do bring them back.

The old songs are not deleted so you’ll see them when we add the song tab back in. We are working on that right now

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I was unfortunate enough to get my Orba after the save button was removed. I made a song on the device and put it away to save. After seeing the new firmware, I updated it and it wiped the song that was recorded on the device. No way that is coming back :(

Hey Sam. I'm sorry to hear that. Firmware updating does erase any loops that are on Orba at the time, which is something to be mindful of. Rest assured, song saving will be coming back soon and much better than before.

Hey Guy,

Thanks a lot for the update.

It would be possible in future to have the metronome working also in play mode?

If you need just to exercise it would be cool to have it without the rec.

But maybe it would be confusing.

Just  a question!

Thank you again!

How to turn off the haptic feedback, why is it not shown as an option in the app. Its noisy. Any plans on next update ?

Could you maybe make one thread with firmware updates so that we can go to one place to see what is new? and will these changes be reflected anywhere in the documentation for those who may not be keeping up with firmware update postings

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@ Arne - High time for some working software, don't you think?

I agree. As I replied in the other thread, we are working on getting song loading back, volume control per part, haptic feedback off, Bluetooth issues and a very long list of new features after that. We are not announcing any schedules or promise any releases at specific dates.


So nothing new. A long list of good intentions and no concrete prospects.

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