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Looper issue?

Hi, I'm experimenting with the Looper in Orba. Based on the learning videos I expect the loop to continuously play after I record a sound and press the A button. Although it does that it also builds in a pause at the end of the loop before continuing. So instead of seemingly going into a repeat of the loop there is a small silent moment before it continuous. Sometimes the silent period is longer then in other cases.

I kinda seem to be able to prevent this by starting my tones immediately after I press the recording button but based on the video and manual it states that the loop is only recorded once you pray the first tone, so it shouldn’t matter when I begin. 

Am I doing something wrong ?

Thanks for the support


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This is very similar to the problem I am having. Either there is a bit of silence at the start of my loop, or a bit of silence at the end of my loop. Either way the looper seems to be having trouble properly recording/interpreting my rhythm, even though I'm timing it properly. This is the rhythm I'm trying to record: It seems that I have no trouble recording the basic idea, but the smaller subdivisions at the end of the loop is causing issues.

I have the same issue. I thought it was my bad timing. Is there a particular reason? Need an update? I have already the last firmware. I have also a orrible glitch/silence/loop interruption when I change from one mode to the other.

Thanks for reaching out. This is a known glitch that we're working to address in a future update. Would you mind sending us a short video of what you're experiencing, just so we can verify? You can also send it directly to if you prefer. 

I just submitted a ticket regarding the same issue.  I have updated my device's firmware and the problem persists.  Has a solution been found?

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