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Orba + iOS 14.2

Hi all! Just a quick heads up:

Updating to iOS 14.2 on your mobile device will block Bluetooth connections between Orba and the Orba app. We're working on a fix for this and will have an update available soon.

- Jeremy

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Are there news about this fix? The Orba app doesn’t work well, the bluetooth connection is unstable. The Orba doesn’t maintain the connection. Thanks

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Is there any new information on the fix? I got auto updated to 14.2 last night.

We're still working on a fix for this. In the meantime, this article will walk you through the process of safely downgrading back to the previous version of iOS. We've tried this internally and backtracking in this way (to supported versions of iOS prior to 14.2) does reinstate Bluetooth functionality in the Orba app.

Of course, we'll continue to keep everyone posted on our progress updating the Orba app to support Bluetooth in iOS 14.2.

But a downgrade is not a solution. It’s important that Orba app will be updated soon. How long will it take? It’s frustrating! The Orba is very cool but this issue it is a serious problem!

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It’s not actually the app as far as I can see. iOS 14.2 drops the Orba connection in other apps (for example GarageBand) just the same way. We’re looking at a firmware update I think. I reported it to Apple weeks ago during beta with log files and a video, and they haven’t even picked up the bug report yet, so it will unfortunately be on device makers like Artiphon to work around it.

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Not a great start. I got my Orba today and immediately found I can’t use it for what I bought it for, adding expression to synth apps on iPad.Thinking I may need to return it if fix is not forthcoming in next 7 days.

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Downgrading is not an acceptable workaround. I use my device for other purposes than just the Orba, and exposing myself to known security issues that have been fixed is just not going to happen period.

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I'm in the same boat as Tanya. I purchased an Orba exclusively for use with my iPad. Without a fix for this issue, my Orba is just an expensive paperweight.

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I found that using the camera connection kit, some music apps work. Obviously it does not work Orba app or app that need Bluetooth connection. When will this problem be solved? I suggest you allow the Orba app to also use the cable, as well as Bluetooth.
Medea81, it helps with the crashing, but it also routes the audio via the Orba. That runs into two other problems - firstly the hiss on the Orba’s output, and secondly the Orba’s unresolved bug in that if you turn off Orba internal sounds then notes stop after two seconds (no good if you’re playing strings!). Turning down the Orba’s volume to zero instead means neither Orba sounds or app sounds come through. Seems there’s no way to stop iOS from sending audio through a connected interface while it’s plugged in.

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It is true, in fact you must first program the Orba on the PC and then use it on the iPad. If the Orba app worked via cable as on a PC, it could be programmed directly as a Midi Controller, excluding its own sounds. I have tried with Sampletank, Garageband and Notion. The audio comes out from Mac and Ipad always through Orba speakers.
Brian, the bug that caused notes to end too early was fixed in firmware version 0.14.8 On a Mac you can set the audio output in the Mac settings or the software that you are using. On iOS the last audio device that was connected gets the audio output but it can be changed in the iOS control center.

Brian, Apple is working on a fix for Bluetooth LE Midi on iOS 14.2.

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Arne, thanks for your reply.  It doesn't appear to be that simple on my devices, having tested again just now.  Here's my device list:

* Mac running latest version of Catalina, latest Orba app

* iPhone on iOS 14.1

* iPad on iOS 14.2

iPhone - via BLE, Orba connects.  Switching Orba Sounds off or on in the app seems to have no effect for some reason.  Via camera connector dongle and cable, audio routes to the Orba.  In control center I can switch this to airplay targets but not back to the iPhone speaker, which is no longer listed once I plug in the Orba.

iPad - BLE errors as mentioned as it's on iOS 14.2 - via physical cable, again the iPad output in Control Center disappears as an option as soon as Orba is plugged in.

* When connected via cable to either iOS device, Orba appears to function only as MIDI input and Audio device - opening the Orba app and changing between Drums / Bass etc is not reflected in either direction - is that expected or should it be fully functional?

Mac - all fine.  Sounds on/off is respected and applied instantly, and I can freely change output target in Logic Pro to normal output.

If I plug headphones into Orba then I can, through a combination of actions across devices, get just app audio out without Orba sounds - but then the background hiss is too much for this method to be viable.  The Apple fix should sort me out when they get it rolled out, though.

(Orba apps and Firmware are all up to date)

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